Timberlok Structural Wood Screws

Timberlok Wood Screws are heavy duty wood screws that greatly reduce labor time. The self-countersinking design provides a flush installation that requires no pre-drilling. Strong thread grip allows for impressive pull-down power. Choose Timberlok Wood Screws for the installation of trusses and rafters, stair stringers, fences, as well as log and beam construction.
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FastenMaster Timberlok Wood Screw Product Features and Benefits
• Requires no pre-drilling
• Self-countersinking design provides a flush installation
• Removable and reusable
• Engineered for increased strength and performance
• Strong pull down and holding power
• Corrosion-resistant
• Greatly reduced labor time

FastenMaster Timberlok Wood Screw Installation Instructions
• Use a 1/2" high torque, low RPM drill.
• Install Timberlok perpendicular to the log.
• Countersink the Timberlok a minimum of 1/4".

FastenMaster Timberlok Wood Screw Physical Data
• Available Sizes: 2 1/2", 4", 6", 8", 9", 10"
• Head Style: Hex
• Thread Length: 2"
• Thread Diameter: 0.25"
• Shank Diameter: 0.19"
• All screw sizes are packaged 50/box. One hex bit per box is included.

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