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Heavy Timber Beams

Beautiful timber beams not only add structural dimension, but are also one of the most eye-catching features of log construction. Their substantial size adds both rustic charm and impressive architectural character to your home. Used as heavy rafters, pergola construction, load-bearing ceiling rafters, floor joists, and even as stunning fireplace mantels, timber beams fulfill a multitude of construction needs.

Twin Creeks Log Home Supply proudly sells the highest quality and most affordable heavy timber beams and posts on the market.  Each order is custom-milled to meet your individual specifications. We offer timber beams in Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir species, each of which boasts a rustic, knotty appearance and beautiful grain.

While we make every effort to keep our online timber prices reliable, we base all quotes for these species on our most current supply prices, which may differ from our posted prices at that time.

Size (WxHxL) Eastern White Pine Western Red Cedar Douglas Fir
4"x 4"x 8'-16' $2.25/lf $9.75/lf $4.59/lf
4"x 6"x 8'-16' 3.59/lf 10.80/lf 6.25/lf
4"x 6"x 18'-24' 4.45/lf 14.45/lf 6.95/lf
4"x 6"x 26'-32' --- 18.15/lf 7.95/lf
4"x 8"x 8'-16' 4.50/lf 16.80/lf 8.25/lf
4"x 8"x 18'-24' 6.25/lf 19.75/lf 8.99/lf
4"x 8"x 26'-32' --- 22.75/lf 9.25/lf
4"x 10"x 8'-16' 5.99/lf 24.99/lf 9.89/lf
4"x 10"x 18'-24' 9.25/lf 32.45/lf 10.45/lf
4"x 10"x 26'-32' --- 35.95/lf 12.25/lf
4"x 12" x 8'-16' 6.59/lf 26.25/lf 12.25/lf
4"x 12"x 18'-24' 9.25/lf 30.25/lf 13.49/lf
4"x 12"x 26'-32' --- 32.29/lf 15.25/lf
4"x 14"x 8'-16' 14.95/lf --- 19.50/lf
4"x 14"x 18'-24' 17.25/lf --- 19.95/lf
4"x 14"x 26'-32' --- --- 21.95/lf
4"x 16" x 8'-16' 12.99/lf --- 22.95/lf
4"x 16"x 18'-24' 18.25/lf --- 23.95/lf
4"x 16"x 26'-32' --- --- 25.95/lf
6"x 6"x 8'-16' $4.49/lf $19.15/lf $10.95/lf
6"x 6"x 18'-24' 6.75/lf 23.00/lf 11.55/lf
6"x 6"x 26'-32' --- 24.95/lf 12.75/lf
6"x 8"x 8'-16' 5.95/lf 29.75/lf 16.25/lf
6"x 8"x 18'-24' 9.25/lf 30.25/lf 16.95/lf
6"x 8"x 26'-32' --- 32.45/lf 17.55/lf
6"x 10"x 8'-16' 9.35/lf 35.95/lf 17.50/lf
6"x 10"x 18'-24' 13.95/lf 49.50/lf 18.25/lf
6"x 10"x 26'-32' --- 52.95/lf 19.75/lf
6"x 12"x 8'-16' 10.85/lf 45.25/lf 19.49/lf
6"x 12"x 18'-24' 13.45/lf 46.95/lf 20.25/lf
6"x 12"x 26'-32' --- 51.25/lf 22.49/lf
6"x 14"x 8'-16' 14.85/lf --- 26.25/lf
6"x 14"x 18'-24' 18.50/lf --- 27.25/lf
6"x 14"x 26'-32' --- --- 28.25/lf
6"x 16" x 8'-16' 15.25/lf --- 34.95/lf
6"x 16"x 18'-24' 22.95/lf --- 35.95/lf
6"x 16"x 26'-32' --- --- 39.95/lf
8"x 8"x 8'-16' $7.95/lf $39.97/lf $23.35/lf
8"x 8"x 18'-24' 12.25/lf 41.85/lf 24.25/lf
8"x 8"x 26'-32' --- 49.25/lf 25.75/lf
8"x 10"x 8'-16' 16.25/lf 48.49/lf 27.35/lf
8"x 10"x 18'-24' 17.79/lf 49.95/lf 28.45/lf
8"x 10"x 26'-32' --- 56.25/lf 29.95/lf
8"x 12"x 8'-16' 19.95/lf 58.25/lf 32.80/lf
8"x 12"x 18'-24' 21.35/lf 59.95/lf 33.95/lf
8"x 12"x 26'-32' --- 63.25/lf 34.45/lf
8"x 14"x 8'-16' --- --- 48.95/lf
8"x 14"x 18'-24' --- --- 49.20/lf
8"x 14"x 26'-32' --- --- 55.49/lf
8"x 16" x 8'-16' 27.95/lf --- 51.25/lf
8"x 16"x 18'-24' 32.35/lf --- 58.97/lf
8"x 16"x 26'-32' --- --- 64.95/lf
10"x 10" x 8'-16' $26.50/lf 59.95/lf 45.95/lf
10"x 10"x 18'-24' 31.50/lf 69.95/lf 46.95/lf
10"x 10"x 26'-32' --- 75.95/lf 48.95/lf
12"x 12" x 8'-16' --- --- 53.25/lf
12"x 12"x 18'-24' --- --- 54.95/lf
12"x 12"x 26'-32' --- --- 56.95/lf

Heavy Timber Beams Specifications


Timber beams can be used for both interior and exterior construction. They are commonly used in timber framing, rafters, trusses, floor joists, decking, porch posts, pergola construction, mantlepieces, and many decorative accents. Barn wedding venue construction is a very popular use for our timber beams, as well.


Our beams are sold by the Linear Foot (LF) up to 40 LF, available in even lengths.

Finishing Options

Our beams are available in Sanded Four Sides (S4S), Rough Sawn, or Fresh-Sawn Rough (Rough Sawn cut with a bandsaw to provide a more uniform, bright appearance than standard Rough Sawn). All S4S and Rough Sawn beams are priced as quoted. Please call us for current pricing on Fresh Sawn beams.

Drying Options

Air Dried.

Hewing Options

Hand Hewing is available in a variety of styles for an additional $1.19/LF per side.

Available Species

Our beams are available in Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir.

Grade Options

Our beams are non-grademarked, but are generally conforming to the following timber grades:  Eastern White Pine - #2 Grade, Western Red Cedar - #1 Appearance Grade, and Douglas Fir - #1 Free of Heart Center (FOHC) Grade.  Please see our Technical Guides page or the Western Lumber Product Use Manual for more information on grading and structural design load tables.

Beam Sizing

Our heavy timber beams are cut to Standard Dimensions.   (Example: Per WWPA guidelines for Standard Dimension timbers, a nominal 4"x6" timber nets to 3 ½”x5 ½” actual dimensions after it has been sawn.) All beams larger than 8” inch will mill to the ¼” inch. (Example: A 8x12 Beam will net an overall 7 ½”x 11 ¼”.) Please call us if you are interested in a quote on Full Dimension beams.

Lead Time

Our lead time for timbers is typically 2-3 weeks from the date of order. Lead time may vary on large orders or oversized timbers. This is dependent upon availability at the time of order.

Shipping Options

Flat-bed tractor trailer, Roll Back, LTL Carrier. Shipping method is determined based on location and order size to minimize cost. (Note: When Shipping via LTL Carrier, the longest length available for shipping is 12’).

Price Changes

Beam prices are subject to change without notice due to market fluctuations.


We offer free take-offs using customary sizing methods. We do, however, recommend that you have all beam sizes reviewed and approved by a contractor or structural engineer.

Get In Touch

We offer detailed beam estimates, so please call us at 800-299-8981 or email us at with the specifics of your project.