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Materials Packages

Since 1994, Twin Creeks Log Home Supply has been offering log home materials packages that will save you time, hassle, and money. We do this by allowing you to customize your order piece by piece, selecting only the materials you want, rather than expecting you to conform to the restraints of a pre-made kit. By ordering each part of your home individually, you can expect better quality lumber, expert millwork, fast delivery, and lower costs.

Twin Creeks proudly offers everything you need to make your dream of log home living a reality. Even if you don’t already have a plan, we can lead you to someone who will work closely with you, creating the ideal blueprints for your custom home. We will provide a free materials list and estimate based on your plans, as well as head-to-head quotes. Once you know what you need, you are in control of every detail of your new home.

We are happy to guide you through the process of ordering the materials you want. In addition to the many quality stains and hardware we offer, we sell only the highest quality logs in the most popular profiles. We sell our custom logs by the linear foot, which is the better alternative to purchasing a log home kit. Purchasing lumber by the linear foot typically costs less, ships more quickly, and enables you to select the individualized touches that will make your home unique. Once your order has been placed, we can deliver your completed order all at once, or we can stage deliveries based on your need.

To help you get started, here are just a few of the of the options we offer:

Popular Log Profiles

• “D” Log Profiles
• Chink Log Profiles
• Round-Round Log Profiles
• Confederate “V” Log Profiles

Milled Log Options

• Air-Dried and Kiln-Dried Logs
• Hand Hewing and Drawknifing
• Pre-Notched Corners 
• TPI (Timber Products Inspections) Grade Stamping

Full Line of Log Home Specialty Building Materials

• Highest-quality Milled Logs
• Heavy Timber Beams
• Log Siding
• Tongue and Groove Paneling
• Corner Systems
• Trim Boards
• Pine Flooring
• Log Rail and Stair Systems
• Mantels

Get In Touch

We offer detailed project estimates, so please call us at 800-299-8981 or email us at sales@twincreeksloghomes.com with the specifics of your project.