Log Corners

Dovetail False Corners


As one of the oldest types of joinery systems, the Dovetail corner gives a log home a rustic early American look. Even though it has been traditionally used with square or chinked Appalachian-style logs, the Dovetail corner has gained popularity with the “D” shaped profiles. Dovetail corners give a log home one of the tightest locking joints available. Dovetails may be precut at the mill or cut at the jobsite with a dovetail jig.

Saddle Notch False Corner (Installation Example)


A saddlenotch corner is often used when trying to join full round or double “D” logs. A rounded notch is cut so that the top log will tightly fit the diameter of the log below. Saddlenotch corners give the appearance of a rustic, handcrafted log home. Saddlenotch cuts may be precut at the mill or cut at the jobsite with a jig.

White Pine "D" Log Butt and Pass False Corners (6x8 Exterior Joint)

Butt & Pass:

The Butt & Pass corner system is often the most popular style used due to its traditional yet modern appearance. The Butt & Pass corner is usually constructed by a mortise and tenon joint where two logs meet and one log extends past the other intersecting log. Butt & Pass corners are typically the least expensive method of corner notching. This type of corner system is notched on the job site by your builder.


Precut Dovetail Corner Notches

6x6 “D” Logs: $14.00/notch
6x8 “D” Logs: $14.00/notch
8x8 “D” Logs: $14.00/notch
6x10 “D” Logs: $14.00/notch
6x12 “D” Logs: $15.00/notch
8x12 “D” Logs: $16.00/notch

6x10 Confederate “V” Logs: $14.00/notch
6x12 Confederate “V” Logs: $15.00/notch
8x12 Confederate “V” Logs: $16.00/notch

6x10 Chink Logs: $14.00/notch
6x12 Chink Logs: $15.00/notch
8x12 Chink Logs: $16.00/notch

Precut Saddlenotch Corner Notches

6x8 "D" Log: $18.00/notch
8x8 “D” Log: $18.00/notch
8x8 Round/Round Log: $18.00/notch


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Log Corners

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