A few weeks ago, we shared a blog post about the changes that are being made to the look of the PPG ProLuxe labels (formerly Sikkens brand). That post was to help clarify the confusion some of our returning customers were having when they received a can of stain from Twin Creeks that had a different label or slightly different name from what they had become accustomed to receiving. As we stated then, the product inside those cans is exactly the same. Only the appearance of the label, and in some cases the product name, have been altered. These changes were made as part of the purchase agreement after PPG purchased the Sikkens line of wood finishes from Akzo Nobel.

PPG ProLuxe has recently informed us that they are now discontinuing a few colors within their line of stains. To help with the transition, they have recommended replacement colors for those products.

Product Family Color Replacement Recommendation
Cetol BL Satin Deft Polyurethane Interior Satin
Cetol UV Matte Defthane Satin
Cetol SRD Redwood SRD Mahogany
Cetol SRD RE Redwood SRD RE Mahogany
Rubbol Medium Base Rubbol Light or Dark Base
Rubbol White Base Rubbol Light or Dark Base
Cetol Log & Siding Natural Light Log & Siding Natural
Cetol Door & Window Light Oak Door & Window Natural
Cetol Door & Window Colorless Gloss Door & Window Colorless Satin


These individual items will only be available in limited quantities in the future. Keep in mind that the vast majority of PPG ProLuxe colors are still available and we will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right product and color for your staining needs.

We proudly continue to offer the PPG ProLuxe (formerly Sikkens) line of wood finishes to our customers. PPG and Twin Creeks will continue to sell through our inventories of these discontinued products until depleted. Please contact us with any questions you may have and let our team of qualified experts help you choose the perfect product for your staining projects.

June 07, 2019 — Phillip Webb