Tongue and Groove

At Twin Creeks Log Home Supply, we offer a wide array of premium-quality softwood tongue and groove in a variety of beautiful species including White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Radiata Pine, Spruce, and Cypress. All of our quality T&G is kiln-dried and custom cut, and carefully selected for its beauty, uniformity, and consistency. Available in a broad range of lengths and dimensions, our tongue and groove will provide a beautiful finish to your home’s interior. Contact us today and let us help you get started.

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23 Item(s)

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Tongue and Groove from Twin Creeks
Tongue and groove, or T&G, paneling and trim boards are specifically milled with a continuous groove down one edge and a thin tongue or ridge cut into the opposite edge. Each board is designed to interlock with the next one to form a snug, secure fit and, most importantly, a uniform, even gap between every board. Plus, with tongue and groove paneling you can “blind nail” the boards in place by fastening through the tongue and hiding the nail with the groove of the next board. You get a smooth, even, fastener-free surface that lets the beauty of the natural wood shine through.

Add natural warmth, and value, to your home
Tongue and groove paneling is the most popular natural wood profile for home interiors. The T&G joint creates a pleasing line to the eye, and the natural grain and beautiful texture of real wood adds a warm, relaxed feel to any room. But not only does T&G make a room look warmer, wood paneling actually helps a room retain heat, so you really do feel warmer. What’s more, studies have shown that homes featuring natural products like real wood see a higher return in investment at resale than homes with non-wood substitute materials. Not bad for something that looks as good as T&G paneling.

A look for every taste
We stock all popular wood species of tongue and groove paneling, and each has it’s own unique style and subtleties of look. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide additional help or advice.

White Pine T&G paneling
White pine, also widely known as knotty pine, is an extremely popular choice for interior paneling. It boasts a beautiful, straight grain with an even medium texture and often features small, tight knots that add a wonderful, natural effect to a room. Colors can range from a creamy yellow or off-white, to light browns with an almost reddish hue.

Western Red Cedar T&G paneling
Sought after for its deep, rich, lustre, Western Red Cedar comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and hues that range from a light honey-yellow, to a deep, sienna red and even dark, earthy browns. Cedar has an incredible natural aroma and is pitch and resin free, meaning it’s superb at accepting virtually any stain or finish.

Spruce T&G paneling
A close relative of White Pine, Spruce shares many characteristics with that species, including that distinctive pine aroma. Spruce tongue and groove has an appealing, straight grain with a fine to medium texture and usually ranges from a soft, yellowish-white color, to a reddy brown. Like all softwoods, Spruce readily absorbs stains, but a clear conditioner is recommended first to avoid blotching.

European Spruce T&G
European Spruce grows in northern temperate regions and boreal forests (know as the taiga in Europe) and can be found in the northeast and northwest United States. Close in color to its Spruce cousin, this species has an evenly spaced grain that has been called “bearclaw,” for it vaguely resembles a bear’s scratches. European Spruce can be both clear or have tight knots to create a warm, rustic look.

Fast shipment, nationwide
Twin Creeks Log Home Supply can ship your order- big or small- anywhere nationwide. All our premium-quality, kiln-dried T&G is properly stored in our warehouse and ready for installation, so you’ll get your order promptly, and start the job on time. We can also ship from distribution yards throughout the US; call us anytime for a custom shipping quote.