Perma-Chink Sure Shine Clear Finish

Sure Shine is Perma-Chink's most durable indoor clear finish. It is suitable for all your wood floors and any other interior surface where you want a lustrous or deep-shine finish. Since Sure Shine is a fast drying water-based finish, multiple coats can be applied in a single day even over previously applied oil-based finishes. FREE SHIPPING ON 1 GALLON AND 5 GALLON PAILS TO CONTINENTAL USA.
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Perma-Chink Sure Shine is Perma-Chink's most durable indoor clear finish. It is suitable for all your wood floors and any other interior surface where you want a lustrous or deep-shine finish. If you want a deep, clear finish using fewer coats, Sure Shine premium finish is the one to use!

Since it is water based and fast drying, multiple coats can be applied in a single day. Sure Shine can be used to re-coat older oil based floor finishes. Sure Shine cures to a smooth, hard surface that resists scuffing and abrasion. It prevents discolorations from water and most household cleaners and chemicals.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Features & Benefits:
• Easy application and maintenance.
• High coverage rates.
• Fast drying.
• Very low VOC formula.
• Compatible with all Perma-Chink Systems wood care products.
• Environmentally friendly.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Sheen Levels
Perma-Chink Sure Shine Sheen Levels

Perma-Chink Sure Shine Stain Sample Cans
• We highly recommend that you try a sample can of any new stain color you are considering. The finished color of translucent stains can vary substantially based on species, texture, porosity of wood, and application technique. Sampling on your own wood is inexpensive and the best way to make sure you get the color you want for your home.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Preparation Instructions:
• Wood surfaces should be dry and cleaned of all oils, grease, wax, dirt and dust. For best results wipe the entire area to be finished with a clean rag prior to application.
• If an oil-based stain has been applied to the wood, allow it to dry for at least three weeks then wipe it down with a clean cloth before applying Sure Shine.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Recommended Application Equipment:
• Use a synthetic bristle brush, foam brush or applicator pad to apply thin coats of Sure Shine.
• Do not use a roller or other types of applicators that apply thick coats!
• Sure Shine may be applied with an airless sprayer with back-brushing.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Application Information:
• Use a paint paddle to gently stir Sure Shine before using.
• Do not shake container or agitate as this creates foam that may result in air bubbles within the finish. Sure Shine is made to be used "as is." Do not dilute Sure Shine with water or any other solvent. Do not tint.
• Stir well before and during use.
• Vigorously brushing Sure Shine will also entrap air resulting in a rough surface with lots of visible air bubbles.
• For the best results Sure Shine should be applied with a good quality brush or pad using slow strokes.

• If applying to wood walls, cabinets or trim, first apply Lifeline Interior stain or Prelude Clear Wood Primer. Once the stain or primer has dried to the touch, the first coat of Sure Shine can be applied.
• Sure Shine should never be applied to green logs or wood with a moisture content in excess of 20%.
• Apply thin coats of Sure Shine using smooth, even strokes in the same direction as the wood grain.
• Do one or two boards at a time ending at wood joints, walls or doorways to prevent lap marks.
• After applying the first coat, allow it to dry to the touch (typically one to two hours) then lightly sand smooth using fine (180 grit or higher) sandpaper or buffing brush. Lightly sanding with sandpaper (180 grit or higher) or a buffing brush will take off all of the small bumps and other imperfections.
• If the film is just the slightest bit soft, sanding will generate little pills of finish and make a mess of the surface.
• Do not allow sanding procedure to build up excessive heat.
• Do not use steel wool!
• Perma Chink does not recommend sanding between subsequent coats. Although a minimum of three coats is recommended for new or worn wood floors, additional coats will add luster and depth to the finish.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Coverage Rates:
• One gallon of Sure Shine typically covers between 600 to 800 square feet.
• First coat coverage may be less on older, porous wood floors.

Perma Chink Sure Shine Clean Up & Drying Time:
•Wash hands and tools with soap and warm water as soon as possible after use.
• Although Sure Shine dries to the touch in approximately one to two hours, you should let the surface dry for about 12 hours before allowing light traffic.
• Avoid placing rugs or moving furniture over the finish for approximately one week.
• Sure Shine will reach full cure hardness within one to two weeks.

More Information
Stain BaseWater-Based
Stain Opacity Clear
Stain Use AreaFloors, Interior Only, Wood Trim
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