Olylog Log Home Screws

The OlyLog Log Home Screw is the first heavy-duty log home fastener that requires no predrilling, greatly reducing labor time. The self-countersinking design provides strong pull-down power, allowing logs to settle naturally. OlyLog Screws install more efficiently than lags and spikes, and eliminate the risk of damage caused by sledge hammers. Removable and reusable, OlyLog Screws are the fast and easy way to join logs.


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2 1/2" - Box (500) Olylog Screws
4" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
6" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
8" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
9" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
10" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
12" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
14" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
16" - Box (250) Olylog Screws

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The FastenMaster OlyLog Log Home Screw is the first threaded log home fastener that requires no predrilling and is ACQ approved. Since its introduction, the OlyLog has changed the way log homes are constructed.

FastenMaster OlyLog Log Home Screw Product Features and Benefits
• Requires no predrilling
• Self-countersinking design provides a flush installation
• Removable and reusable
• Engineered for increased strength and performance
• Strong pull down and holding power
• Corrosion resistant
• Greatly reduced labor time.
• Installs faster and easier than lags and spikes
• Allows log to settle naturally
• Draws warped logs down
• Eliminates damage caused by a sledge hammer

FastenMaster OlyLog Log Home Screw Installation Instructions
• Use a 1/2", high torque, low RPM drill.
• Install OlyLog perpendicular to the log.
• Countersink the OlyLog a minimum of 1/4".

FastenMaster OlyLog Log Home Screw Physical Data
• Available Sizes: 2 1/2", 4", 6", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 16"
• Head Style: Hex
• Thread Length: 2"
• Thread Diameter: 0.25"
• Shank Diameter: 0.19"
• The 2 1/2" screw size is packaged 500/box. All other screw sizes are packaged 250/box. One hex bit per box is included.

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