Northern White Cedar Log Stair Railing

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Northern White Cedar Log Stair Railings are both a safe and visually appealing option when installing stair railings into your home. Northern White Cedar grows slowly which allows for its tight grain structure to be distinctively durable to withstand the test of time. Also, this species produces natural oils that deter mildew and insects providing piece of mind that your investment will be protected. Our log stair railings are air-dried to minimize movement and warping in the product both before and after installation. If you choose to stain your railings, the stain will adhere exceptionally due to the dryness of the product, or, If you choose not to stain your stair railing, Northern White Cedar will age beautifully to a distinct rustic silver tone. The stair railings are hand-peeled and available in both 36" Residential and 42" Commercial rail heights with either straight or tenoned ends. Let us help you pick out the stair railings that will keep your home safe and full of character.

Northern White Cedar Log Stair Railing Features & Benefits:
• Accuracy in Sizing – Our log stair railings can be sized within a fraction of an inch.
• Durability of Species – Northern White Cedar resists decay, pests, and warping, giving it a typical service life of more than 2 decades.
• Design Options – We offer log rails in a beautiful hand-peeled texture that can be ordered in tenoned or straight-end posts and spindles. We provide both straight-run railing, as well as stair railing.
• Versatility – Northern White Cedar can be used on the interior or exterior of your home, giving either location an eye-catching accent that is both decorative and secure.
• Ease of Installation – Our log stair railings are sold in prebuilt sections that are fully assembled and pre-drilled. Our railings and posts are numbered and come with written instructions for easy installation.
• Worry-Free Maintenance – Northern White Cedar accepts all stain finishes beautifully, but should you choose not to stain your log rails, this species of wood weathers naturally into a lovely, rustic silvery-gray.

White Cedar Railing Specifications:
Top and bottom rail dimensions: 4" Round
Spindle dimensions: 3" Round
Finishing: Unfinished
Railing texture: Hand-peeled
Typical Lead Time: This product is hand peeled at the time it is ordered to prevent the grain from naturally graying. Please allow 1-2 weeks for production and assembly.
• Shipping Options:Flat-bed tractor trailer, Roll Back, LTL Carrier. Shipping method is determined based on location and order size to minimize cost.
**Longest available rail section length is 10’.

Northern White Cedar Railing Resources:
White Cedar Stair Railing Ordering Guidelines
White Cedar Railing Assembly Instructions

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