Log-Gevity Interior Finish Coat

Log-Gevity™ Interior Grade Finish Coat is a breathable interior finish for log homes. Available in 18 pigments this penetrating oil based stain will provide dependable years of colorfastness for your interior log home investment.
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Log-Gevity™ Interior Grade Finish Coat is formulated with essential wood protecting ingredients blended in a deep penetrating oil. Log-Gevity™ Interior Grade Finish Coat is designed to provide a rich warm glow and natural wood finish.

This non-film forming and breathable finish will provide years of color fastness to your interior log home investment. Log-Gevity™ Interior Grade Finish Coat is compatible with all Log-Gevity™ Chinking and most other Log-Gevity™ products. It is also resistant to most cleaning solutions.

Log-Gevity™ Interior Grade Finish Coat is for use on all interior vertical log/wood surfaces susceptible to moisture damage including all types of dimensional lumber.

Interior Grade Finish Coat Product Features
• Breathable.
• Natural wood finish.
• Cleanable.
• Available in pigments.
• Water-repellants.

Interior Grade Finish Coat Product Benefits

• Non-film forming penetrant.
• Provides aesthetically appealing, natural looking, rich warm glow commonly associated with natural wood finishes.
• Can be used in humid, high moisture conditions (saunas, etc.).

Interior Grade Finish Coat Coverage Rate
• Approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon.
• For best results and optimal penetration surface must be dry during application.
• Both surface and air temperature must be above 50°F.

Interior Grade Finish Coat Application Instructions
• Apply a coat of Log-Gevity Interior Grade Finish Coat with a low pressure (HVLP) sprayer or airless sprayer.
• When using a pressure sprayer, always back brush into surface.
• After the first coat has flash dried, which may take 30 minutes or longer, it may be necessary to apply a second coat of Interior Grade Finish Coat for a uniform effect.
• To avoid runs and streaking, back brush product from surfaces before drying.
• Keep a wet edge to avoid lap marks.
• Allow at least 24 hours to dry.
• Clean up: Use mineral spirits or dish detergent and water.
• If Interior Grade Finish Coat comes in contact with surfaces such as glass, paint, metal, caulking or rubber, remove immediately with soap and water.

Log-Gevity Interior Grade Finish Coat Color Chips

Log-Gevity Interior Finish Coat Colors:
• Log-Gevity Interior Finish is available in both Log-Gevity Signature Color Tones: Cedar Tone Gold, Cedar Tone Brown, Cedar Clear, Golden Honey and Dark Taupe as well others including: Cabin Brown, Dove Gray, Pickled White, Redwood, Weathered Gray, Cabin Gray, Cedar Taupe. Cedar Coco, Terra Cotta, Stone Hedge, Forest Green, Historic Green, Chamoise, Weathered Creosote, Warm Redwood, Solid Dune Gray, Solid Dark Gray, Rustic Taupe, Solid Beige, Solid Red Cedar and Solid Colonial White. All Colors attain a natural wood glow after application.

More Information
Stain BaseOil-Based
Stain Opacity Semi-Transparent
Stain Use AreaLogs, Doors / Windows, Interior Only
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