X-100 Natural Seal Interior Finish

X-100 Natural Seal Interior Finish is an oil-based water-repellent formulated with essential wood protectant ingredients to provide superior protection against moisture mildew and ultra violet rays.
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X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish formula is an oil based water repellent consisting of essential wood protecting ingredients. X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish is designed to penetrate the wood, protecting against cracking, splitting, cupping, curling, sap stain, mold and mildew X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish is for use on all wood surfaces susceptible to moisture and UV damage including cedar, redwood, pine, plywood, T1-11, cypress, fur, dimensional lumber, siding, decking, logs and roofs. X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish is available in transparent and semitransparent stains. This transparent technology enables the natural wood grain to show through allowing for a natural wood finish.

Coverage Rate:
• Sidewalls - smooth or rough sawn lumber including logs, first coat 100 sq. ft. per gallon.
• Second coat - 200 sq. ft. per gallon.

Application Methods and Dry Time
• Brush.
• Allow at least 24 hours to dry.

Surface Preparation
• To achieve the maximum effectiveness of this product the surface must be cleaned of dirt, mildew, loose wood fibers, chalky residue, foreign matter and must be dry.
• New Wood: Surface must be dry.
• Existing Coating: Strip the existing finish (other than X-100 finishes) with Super Bio Strip™ or other, appropriate ABRP, Inc. coatings remover.
• Note: Before beginning removal process test to determine removal product suitability, dwell time and dilution ratio if applicable. Clean with X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer™ if specified or required to produce consistent surface color.
• Failure to remove the existing coating will cause unsatisfactory finish results.
• Removal of the existing coating by methods other than what is specified may produce unsatisfactory finish results.

Application Instructions:
• Mix X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish well before using. A test area should be performed before beginning overall project to determine the amount of X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish the wood will absorb, dry time, wood porosity and total desired look. Fully protect all adjacent surfaces, as well as, general work area.
For Best Results & Optimal Penetration:  Apply to dry wood.  Both surface and air temperature must be above 50ºF.
For Lumber That is Not Dried or Seasoned: X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish is formulated to protect damp wood. However, the duration of protection will be in direct relationship to how much X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish the wood has absorbed. That is, the greater the dampness of the wood the less amount of absorption.

Application Steps:
1. Apply X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish with a brush. Work vigorously into all surfaces.
2. Apply as much X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish as the wood will absorb. NOTE: If after a 12 hour period the surface remains oily, over application has occurred. Use ABR® Deck and Siding Wash to remove the excess finish. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in unsatisfactory performance of the finish.
3. To avoid runs and streaking, back brush product from surfaces before drying. Rough sawn wood will generally absorb more product evenly; however, it will still require back brushing.
4. Keep a wet edge to avoid lap marks.
5. If the wood can absorb more X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish and extra protection or more depth of color is desired, apply an additional coat of X-100 Natural Seal® Interior Finish at a later date.

Helpful Tips
• When a natural cedar color is desired and to ensure further color fastness use X- 100 Natural Seal® Cedar Tone Gold.
• For further protection, apply X-100 Natural Seal® on all sides of the wood.
• If the application has to be interrupted, stop at a corner as opposed to the middle of the wall.

Clean Up
• Use mineral spirits or dish detergent and water.
• If X-100 Natural Seal® should get on surfaces such as glass, paint, metal, caulking or rubber, remove immediately with dish detergent. If a spill is dry, clean with mineral spirits.
• Use only with adequate ventilation.

X-100 Natural Seal Interior Finish Colors:
Cabin Brown, Cabin Gray, Cedartone Brown, Cedartone Gold, Chamois, Clear, CoCo, Dark Taupe, Dove Gray, Forest Green, Golden Honey, Hampton Gray, Historic Green, Neutral Tint Base, Pickle White, Red Wood, Stone Hedge, Taupe, Terra Cotta, Weathered Creosote, Weathered Gray.

More Information
Stain BaseOil-Based
Stain Opacity Translucent, Semi-Transparent
Stain Use AreaInterior Only
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