Woodguard SWO - Swedish Wood Oil

WOODguard® SWO is a clear, water repellent that helps retard warping, cupping, splitting and nail popping. Especially designed for pressure-treated lumber. Restores lubricity lost in wood during pressure treatment. Recommended for pressure treated wood decks, docks, pilings, fences, storage buildings and all other pressure treated wood application. FREE SHIPPING ON 5 GALLON PAILS TO CONTINENTAL USA.
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Specially designed for pressure-treated lumber, WOODguard® SWO is a clear and colorless protectant designed to help prevent warping, cupping, splitting and nail popping in wood. Acting as a sub-surface lubricant, WOODguard SWO is actually absorbed into wood and bonds with its cell structure. While effectively repelling water, the product’s oils work to lubricate and stabilize the wood.

Features and Benefits
Superior penetrating, water-repellent treatment.
Recommended for use on pressure-treated wood decks, docks, pilings, fences, storage buildings and all other pressure-treated wood.
Clear and colorless to highlight the wood’s natural grain.
Dries into the wood and will never crack or peel.
Helps retard warping, cupping, splitting and nail popping.
Restores wood lubricity typically lost during wood pressure treatment.
Meets VOC standards in all 50 states. Learn more about VOC emissions.

Recommended Usage
SWO is recommended for use on pressure treated wood decks, fences, storage buildings and all other pressure-treated wood construction projects.

Color Information
WOODguard SWO dries into the wood and does not provide any color. Application of SWO will give wood an oiled appearance which weathers out to a silvery grey color over time.
Most alkyd/oil-based stains can be applied over WOODguard SWO after two weeks cure period. It is best to apply this dual treatment first to a small remote surface in order to verify compatibility. Do not attempt to apply latex finishes/stains over SWO.
Do not tint!

Coverage Rate and Application Methods
Approximately 250-300 sq. ft/gal. depending on surface condition and wood porosity.
WOODguard SWO can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.
One moderate coat is sufficient. Do not over apply.

More Information
Stain BaseOil-Based
Stain Opacity Clear
Stain Use AreaDecks, Exterior
Guides / Product Info

Preparation Instructions
Surfaces should be cleaned and free of all loose debris.
Use only as much as can be readily absorbed by the wood.
Test before using.
Do not use on painted surfaces.
When using wood that has not been kiln dried, wait six months after construction before treating for maximum penetration.
Moisture content of wood should be less than 18%.

New Decks and Docks
Allow the deck or dock to dry for two to three months.
Sweep to remove dirt and debris before application.

Weathered, Untreated Decks and Docks
Make sure surface is free of all dirt and debris.
If a new appearance is desired, clean with a pressure washer to remove the gray surface of wood.
After washing, let the wood surface dry for three days before applying WOODguard SWO.

When Pressure Washing
To avoid wood damage, and achieve maximum effectiveness, make sure the pressure is set below 500 psi, and keep the nozzle of the power washer approximately one foot from the surface.
Apply to dry wood for maximum penetration and fastest drying. Do not over apply.

Application Instructions
1. WOODguard SWO penetrates into the wood with only a small portion evaporating. Do not apply to painted or otherwise sealed or highly dense surfaces. If in doubt, apply to a small test area. If the wood absorbs the treatment readily, it is suitable for use.
2. WOODguard SWO does not "DRY" in the conventional sense. It cures into the wood. Blot up any excess SWO left unabsorbed on the surface.
3. Apply above 50 degrees F for fastest cure time. Hot weather promotes a faster cure time. Below 65 degrees F, SWO may become too viscous to spray.
4. WOODguard SWO softens asphalt (including asphalt shingles) - avoid contact.
5. Do not apply if rain is expected within 36 hours.
6. Avoid open flame during application and until the oil has thoroughly penetrated the treated surface.
7. Any subsequent coating applied over SWO must be tested on a remote area to verify compatiblity before application. SWO's highly water repellant system will repel latex coatings and may not be compatible with some oil or alkyd coatings.
8. Until SWO has thoroughly cured, treated area my be slippery.
9. WOODguard SWO may be applied to newly-constructed, pressure-treated decks that are thoroughly dry. Use only enough SWO to be readily absorbed.

Clean Up and Storage
Use detergent and water on fresh SWO coated brushes and tools.
If it has had time to cure, mineral spirits or paint thinner may be used for clean up.
Store in a secure, dry, well-ventilated area protected from extreme temperatures.
Do not transfer to unmarked containers.
Keep container tightly closed when not in use.
Do not store with strong oxidizing agents such as peroxide.

Woodguard Swedish Wood Oil Application & Technical Resources:
Product Guide
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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