White Pine Solid Round Posts

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White Pine Solid Round Posts Specifications:
Available Lengths: 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'
Drying Type: Air-Dried
Profile: Round
Texture: Milled Smooth
Typical Lead Time: Subject to availability.
Recommended Fasteners: Stainless steel screws or nails. Heavy duty log screws and lag screws work especially well with post applications where high strength in torsion is needed.
Typical Weight per board foot: 3 lbs./bf
Shipping Options: Flat-bed tractor trailer, Roll Back, LTL Carrier. Shipping method is determined based on location and order size to minimize cost.

White Pine Solid Round Posts Features and Benefits:
• Compatible for interior and exterior application.
• Features a full-round profile suitable for use for round beam work, support posts and utility posts.
• Air-Dried for reliable stability and exceptional stain acceptance.

White Pine Solid Round Posts Preparation Information:
Our White Pine Solid Round Posts are ready for installation once received on your jobsite. However, wood will shrink and swell with changes in moisture content and weather. According to NeLMA, to minimize dimensional change after installation, install white pine at a moisture content that matches with local climate as closely as possible. If climate in a particular region causes wood to maintain 8% to 13% moisture content annually, then the most ideal white pine would be installed at a moisture content within that range, and the material would be stored, stickered and protected for a week to ten days prior to application.

Preparing White Pine Solid Round Posts for Staining
Proper preparation of your white pine lumber product before staining, as well as the staining procedure itself, can ensure that your finished product exceeds expectations. Below are a few valuable tips for the proper preparation of the wood and application of wood staining products.

  • Prepare the Solid Round Post: Use a TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) and Bleach wash to open up the cellular structure of the wood so the stain will penetrate further into the grain. Please refer to the manufacturer of the stain that you choose for further cleaning and preparation information.

  • Stain quality: There is a wide range of products and, of course, the best products can be the most expensive. Even a quality stain will not wear well if preparation is inadequate or sun exposure is excessive. Look for guarantees and for stain life expectancies as published by the manufacturer. Follow all manufacturers’ recommendations for product preparation and stain application.

  • Stain application: Unlike paint, stain is designed to soak into the wood. Two healthy coats of stain back-brushed into the wood itself are much better than one heavy coat of stain that will sit on the surface. If you apply your stain like a thick coat of paint, the stain will ultimately chip, crack and peel.

  • Color choice: The predominant enemy of stain is the UV rays of the sun. Lighter stain colors will fail faster than darker stain colors because UV rays penetrate further into the lighter colored product.

  • Limit sun exposure: If you are still designing your home, you might want to position your home in relation to the sun in order to minimize sun exposure. It is always good idea to have an 18-24 inch overhanging soffit on your roof to keep your log corners out of the sun as much as possible.

Storage of White Pine Solid Round Posts Prior To Application:
Until installed, all white pine needs protection from direct sunlight, water saturation, snow, ice, dirt, and other elements. It is best to store white pine flat and off the ground with a vapor barrier so that moisture is not absorbed from the ground or from either side of the corner. White Pine should be protected with a waterproof covering elevated in the center so that water does not pool on the cover. We also recommend that you do not completely seal the product, as good air circulation is required to prevent any blue stain or molding. Ideally, the corners should be stored in an enclosed building such as a garage prior to use.

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