White Pine Half Log Mantel With Coped Supports

Our White Pine Half Log Mantels With Coped Supports include two 23" long, 5" to 5-1/2" diameter hand-peeled Eastern White Pine coped supports. The coped supports are carved to cradle the curved profile of the mantel.
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White Pine Half Log Mantel With Coped Supports Specifications:
Typical Depth: 5 1/2"
Typical Shelf Width: 11 1/2" with variable width edge.
Available Lengths: 6' and 7' lengths are available for purchase online. Lengths up to 10' are available for order by phone. Please call if you need it cut to a specific length.
Drying Type: Kiln-Dried
Texture: Hand Peeled
Finishing: Unfinished
Fastener Type: Lag Screw or Bolt
Typical Lead Time: 3-5 Days to ship.
Shipping Options: Lengths 7' and lower can ship via UPS. Lengths longer than 7' need to ship by truck methods such as LTL, roll-back, or flatbed tractor trailer.

White Pine Half Log Mantel With Coped Supports Features:
• This product includes two 23" long, 5"- 5-1/2" diameter coped log corbels for mounting the half log mantel on.
• Kiln-Dried to reduce moisture content resulting in less weight and improved acceptance of stains or finishes.
• Our White Pine Half Log Mantels are hand-peeled providing a natural look and feel that is particular to each individual piece.
• White Pine's distinct grain pattern provides both rustic and elegant appeal depending on what finish is desired.
• Milled from a single log, our mantels are naturally very durable.

Product Resources:
Mantel Installation Guide
• Please refer to locally adopted building and fire codes when installing your mantel to ensure that you meet height requirements for your specific project.

• All wood products are susceptible to naturally cracking or checking over time. This has no effect on the strength or durability of the product.

Preparing Eastern White Pine for Staining
Proper preparation of your Eastern White Pine product before staining, as well as the staining procedure itself, can ensure that your finished product exceeds expectations. Below are a few valuable tips for the proper preparation of the wood and application of wood staining products.

  • Prepare the Half Log Mantel and Coped Supports: Use a TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) and Bleach wash to open up the cellular structure of the wood so the stain will penetrate further into the grain. Please refer to the manufacturer of the stain that you choose for further cleaning and preparation information.

  • Stain quality: There is a wide range of products and, of course, the best products can be the most expensive. Even a quality stain will not wear well if preparation is inadequate or sun exposure is excessive. Look for guarantees and for stain life expectancies as published by the manufacturer. Follow all manufacturers’ recommendations for product preparation and stain application.

  • Stain application: Unlike paint, stain is designed to soak into the wood. Two healthy coats of stain back-brushed into the wood itself are much better than one heavy coat of stain that will sit on the surface. If you apply your stain like a thick coat of paint, the stain will ultimately chip, crack and peel.

  • Color choice: The predominant enemy of stain is the UV rays of the sun. Lighter stain colors will fail faster than darker stain colors because UV rays penetrate further into the lighter colored product.

With any unfinished interior wood, applying a quality finish to all surfaces (including the ends) is recommended. An interior finish protects the wood from moisture absorption and UV degradation, and helps prevent any finger stains caused by touching the unfinished wood. On occasion, hand-peeled lumber may block a coating from adhering, this effect is called mill glaze. If mill glaze is encountered, light sanding is recommended on a small project such as a mantel. We offer a wide selection of Water Based Interior Finishes that we can recommend based on the final sheen level and look that is desired. Most interior finishes do not have to be re-coated or reapplied depending on the UV exposure to your home. You can find all of the interior stains and finish products that we carry atour Interior Stains page

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