Weatherall SuStain Exterior Wood Stain

Weatherall SuStain Exterior Wood Stain is an advanced, exceptionally strong and highly protective stain formulated to provide outstanding water resistance, ultraviolet protection and color retention. Green qualified, low VOC formulation. FREE SHIPPING ON 5 GALLON PAILS TO CONTINENTAL USA.
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Weatherall SuStain Exterior Log Stain is an advanced, exceptionally strong and highly protective stain formulated to provide outstanding water resistance, ultraviolet protection and color retention. This translucent stain enhances the natural beauty of the wood and allows the grain to show through.

Weatherall SuStain Uses
• SuStain is a premium semi-transparent penetrating oil based exterior stain developed for use over existing oil based finishes.
• It beautifies and protects logs, wood siding or any other vertical wood surface.
• SuStain can be used on new wood and interior surfaces.

Weatherall SuStain Features & Benefits
• Water Repellent - Does not allow water to penetrate and damage the wood.
• Translucent Finish - Allows the beauty of the wood grain to show through.
• UV Resistant - Resists ultraviolet degradation and has superior color retention.
• Easily Applied - Easily applied by brush, airless or pump style sprayer.
• Durable - Will not crack, peel or blister when properly applied.
• Compatible - Can be used on many different species of wood including cedar, pine, fir, spruce and more.
• Renews Old Finishes - This product can be used on projects previously stained with oil or solvent based finishes.

Weatherall SuStain Coverage Rate
• 250-300 sq. ft./gallon on previously coated surfaces.
• 150-250 sq. ft./gallon on new wood.

Weatherall SuStain Exterior Stain Color Chart
Weatherall SuStain Exterior Stain Color Chart

Weatherall SuStain Exterior Log Stain Technical Guide:
The Weatherall Definitive Guide to Log Home Staining and Chinking

More Information
Stain BaseOil-Based
Stain Opacity Translucent
Stain Use AreaLogs, Siding, Exterior
Guides / Product Info
Product Guide Application Guide MSDS Guide

Weatherall SuStain Application Information
• SuStain can be easily applied by natural bristle brush, airless sprayer or pump style sprayer.
• If spray application is used, back brushing is mandatory.
• When using a pump or airless sprayer, work small areas thoroughly back brushing the work to insure proper penetration.
• Look frequently for runs, especially from checks and split grain and back brush as required.
• Although a one-coat application is normally sufficient, a second coat may be necessary depending on the condition of the previous finish and the porosity of the wood.
• Keep in mind that additional coats may affect the final color.
• Apply second coat within 12 hours of the first coat for best results.
• Over application of this product may result in a glossy appearance, extended drying times or sagging.
• Do not thin.

Weatherall SuStain Preparation Information
• It is recommended that the moisture content is verified with a penetrating lignometer.
• With a moisture content of 18% or less, there is less chance of mold or microbial growth in the wood and better penetration into the wood pores.
• All traces of dirt, mildew, loose wood fibers or flaking stain must be removed.
• Pressure wash the surface to be stained using a wood cleaning product if necessary.
• Thoroughly rinse the cleaned surface with water to remove all traces of cleaning solution.
• Lightly sand or buff with an Osborn “cup” brush areas where the previous finish still looks intact to blend the area to be stained.
• Some color “touch up” may be required if there are areas that are so badly weathered that the previous color is gone.
• This can usually be accomplished with a localized application of one of the pre-tinted stains or by having the clear tinted.
• Prior to application of SuStain, check the temperature of the wood surface and the projected ambient temperatures.
• SuStain should not be applied to wet or frozen wood, in subfreezing temperatures or when subfreezing temperatures are expected within 24 hours of application. We do not recommend application in continuing wet weather.
• SuStain applied during colder, humid weather will take longer to dry. If rain is imminent, do not apply product.
• After heavy rain, wood surfaces should be given several days to dry before application.
• If weather is hot and sunny, it is best to work around the house so you are always in the shade.
• Do not apply SuStain to hot surfaces. Best when applied between 40-90 degrees.
• Thoroughly stir the contents of the pail to disperse any added pigments evenly.
• If pigments are added, a very slight color difference may occur from pail to pail as well as when the finish is not thoroughly stirred.
• To avoid any variations, a good technique is to blend all pails of the same color then stir thoroughly prior to use. Continue to stir periodically during application.

Weatherall SuStain Drying Time
• Drying times will vary depending on the temperature and relative humidity.
• SuStain may still be tacky after 12 hours. Allow for 1-2 days for full curing.

Weatherall SuStain Maintenance and Recoating
• Inspect your logs or other wood surfaces at least once a year.
• Consider recoating every 3-5 years.
• Check for damage to areas where there has been severe exposure due to weather and sun degradation. These areas may need a maintenance coat of SuStain more frequently.
• NOTE: Weatherall Company, Inc. provides an excellent EPA registered mildewcide that may be added directly to the pail (Stay-Clean I/ETM), and it is recommended for use in areas of high humidity where the wood is more susceptible to mildew. It is also recommended for fences, railings, etc.

Weatherall SuStain Storage & Clean Up
• Store product in a tightly sealed container in moderate temperatures (between 40° F. and 90° F.).
• Clean up immediately with mineral spirits.
• Spray equipment should be cleaned immediately per the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.
• Caution: Rags and any other materials soaked with SuStain may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Properly dispose of rags and other materials in metal containers filled with water.

Weatherall SuStain Exterior Wood Stain Colors:
• Natural, Classic Honey, Golden Aspen, Red Oak, Cinnamon, Sequoia, Brown Cedar, Chestnut, Walnut

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