StripIt Finish Remover for Log Homes

StripIt Finish Remover for Log Homes is a water based, environmentally friendly stain and finish remover for use on log homes. StripIt is practically odor free, is non-flammable and biodegradable. Use StripIt to remove multiple coats of wood stain and finish.
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StripIt Finish Remover ® is a water based, environmentally friendly stain and finish remover for use on log homes. This product does not contain any hazardous methylene chloride, methanol, caustic or petroleum solvents. StripIt® is practically odor free, is non-flammable and biodegradable. StripIt® can be safely used on interior and exterior surfaces. In addition to its use on log homes, StripIt can also be used on concrete, brick, stone, metal, fiberglass and other surfaces too. Use StripIt® to remove multiple coats of wood stain and finish.

StripIt Finish Remover Features & Benefits
• Removes most finishes from logs, siding and deck surfaces.
• Will not harm chinking and sealants.
• Will not corrode or discolor aluminum or other metals.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Water Clean Up.
• Interior or Exterior Use.
• Removes All Stains & Finishes.
• Removes Perma-Chink Ultra-2 and Lifeline Advance Topcoat products exceptionally well.

StripIt Finish Remover Application Methods
• Safety equipment, airless sprayer, brush or roller, paint scraper, rags, and pressure washer capable of generating at least 500 to 600 psi.

StripIt Finish Remover Coverage Rate
• Approximately 40-55 square feet per gallon.
• Coverage rates will vary depending upon surface and application method.

StripIt Finish Remover Resources
MSDS - StripIt Finish Remover for Log Homes
Applying Strip-It With an Airless Sprayer

StripIt Finish Remover Special Instructions
• Apply from bottom-up, rinse from top-down.
• One to two applications, depending on severity.
• Rinse thoroughly.

StripIt Finish Remover Application Instructions
• StripIt® does not require neutralization.
• Before general use, it is imperative to test on a small, inconspicuous area to determine compatibility, required dwell time, coverage and desired results.
• The end user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use(s), and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

1. Cover/protect/mask areas with plastic sheeting where removal is not required. Cover plants and vegetation. Please read lead paint warning on this label before removing any paint. Workers must wear impervious gloves, apron, footwear and safety goggles while using StripIt®. Take wind drift into consideration if spraying.

2. StripIt® is a ready to use product. Do not dilute.

3. Apply using brush, roller or airless sprayer, at a thickness of 30-35 mils. Two passes will be necessary to achieve required thickness when applying with an airless sprayer. All filters must be removed when applying with an airless sprayer. The recommended tip size for airless sprayer applications is #521. When applying with an airless sprayer, begin application at the bottom and work up. Do not apply thin. Applying thin may result in an additional product application. Air and surface temperatures should be between 55F - 90F for best results. Lower temperatures may require increased dwell time. Higher temperatures and hot surfaces might dry out the remover. If necessary, cover remover with StripIt Paper or plastic to prevent drying when working in direct sunlight and air temperature is 90F or higher. 4. Removal requires a minimum of several hours for low solids stains and finishes, to 24 hours for high solids, multiple layer removals. Some removals might require several days of dwell time. Do not allow StripIt® to dry. If product begins to dry, re-apply StripIt® and cover with StripIt® Paper or plastic.

5. Once stain/finish has softened and lifted, remove using a scraper, putty knife or pressure washer. If using a pressure washer to remove stain/finish/remover residue, start at the bottom and work up. You do not want to wash away the Remover from areas that are not ready for removal. Hold the pressure washer wand at a 30-45 degree angle from the wall. The objective is to “peel” the softened finish from the surface, and not to blast it off with a lot of water pressure. This will help avoid gouging the surface and severe feathering. If there are some remaining spots of finish, try scraping these areas with a paint scraper or a stiff nylon brush before they dry.

6. Thoroughly rinse surface to remove any remaining residue. Collect all remover waste and stain/finish residue for proper disposal in accordance with all government regulations.

7. Allow surface to thoroughly dry before applying stain.

StripIt Finish Remover Clean Up
• Clean all applicators and equipment with soap and water or denatured alcohol.
• Do not store or collect removed paint or residue in metal containers.
• Use plastic containers only.

Perma Chink StipIt Storage & Shelf Life
• Close container after each use.
• Keep away from heat sources and temperatures below 32 degrees F.
• Shelf life is 36 months in original, closed containers in ambient temperatures.

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