Staples 16 Oz. Epoxy Wood Rebuilder

The strongest compound available to rebuild and replace rotted and broken woodwork. Will not shrink or deteriorate in exterior weather conditions. Can be sanded, tooled, painted, and stained to match color of surrounding woodwork. Stainable. Easy to mix.

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Epoxy Wood Rebuilder is structurally stronger than most wood, and can be molded and tooled to duplicate intricate architectural detail. Epoxy Wood Rebuilder is a perfect choice for jobs where total wood replacement is impractical or where there's a desire to preserve as much original woodwork as possible. Many times stronger than regular fillers and putties, Epoxy Wood Rebuilder meets the demands of any large wood repair application. Once cured, Epoxy Wood Rebuilder can be treated just like wood. It can be nailed, drilled, planed, sawed, or sanded. Because it tightly holds nails and screws, Epoxy Wood Rebuilder is excellent for resetting stripped screws and lockset hardware as well as for repairing broken hinges, brackets, latches, etc. Simple one-to-one mixing makes Epoxy Wood Rebuilder an easy to use paste that cures to the color of natural pine. Epoxy Wood Rebuilder remains porous enough to absorb stain to match surrounding wood and can be painted or finished. Epoxy Wood Rebuilder is weatherproof and does not shrink, making it perfect for both exterior and interior use.

Product Information:

  • Natural Wood Color.
  • Accepts stain to match surrounding woodwork.
  • No sag, no shrink.
  • Moldable.
  • Interior and exterior.
  • Easy one to one (1:1) mixing ratio.
  • Workable for over 30 minutes.
  • Cures for service overnight.

  • Use separate knives to remove amount needed from jars..
  • Mix equal parts of A and B on a flat surface for at least one minute until obtaining a uniform color.
  • Make sure work surface is clean and dry.
  • Solvents like denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner are effective to clean work area prior to application and to smooth, shape and mold epoxy.
  • For best results wait 15-20 minutes after mixing and applying.
  • Apply epoxy.
  • Epoxy is workable for over 30 minutes and cures for service overnight.
  • Heat may be applied to speed cure, but do not subject to over 200 degrees F.
  • Cures to a natural light pine color.
  • Paint over cured epoxy at any time.
  • Before staining, proper sanding with 100-grit or coarser sandpaper is essential.
  • Let cure 12-24 hours before sanding to avoid gumming paper.

    When Repairing Rotted Wood:
  • First, eliminate the water problem that caused the rot.
  • Then, completely remove all loose dry rot and treat with a consolidant such as Staples Rotted Wood Hardener before using the Wood Rebuilder.
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