Sta Brite R Roof Protector and Stain

Sta Brite® R is a pigmented, water-repellent, weather-resistant treatment that is specifically formulated to provide lasting protection to wooden shake & shingle roofs, and unpainted siding and fencing from elemental forces. May be applied by brushing rolling or spraying. As a highly concentrated product, each pail delivers substantial coverage.
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Sta Brite R - specially formulated concentrate for long-lasting protection and renewal of new or restored cedar roofs.

Protect your cedar shake/shingle roofs, siding and fences from sunlight and moisture with the long-lasting and environmentally responsible protection of Sta Brite® R. It works to enhance or restore the natural beauty of your wood, while guarding against deterioration long after other coatings let moisture reach the wood and cause decay, mold and fungus problems. In fact, treating with Sta Brite R can restore and extend the life of your cedar roof for a fraction of a new roof replacement cost.

Sta Brite R is a pigmented, water-repellent, weather-resistant treatment that is specifically formulated to provide lasting protection to wooden shake & shingle roofs, and unpainted siding and fencing from elemental forces. Its natural, earth-derived pigment system and additional protectants shield the wood from ultraviolet (UV) light, ultimately increasing wood surface life by preventing erosion and deterioration caused by harsh sunlight. The treatment's mild bleaching properties also help prevent build-up of wood surface stains. Re-treating every three to five years will keep the wood beautiful, solid and intact.

Sta Brite R contains no heavy mineral or lubricating oils which may have an offensive odor and, when vaporized, represent an environmental hazard. Instead, Sta Brite R prevents the splitting and checking of wood by limiting water infiltration and harmful sunlight. It is designed to work with the sun by reflecting harmful rays while simultaneously utilizing the sun's natural bleaching qualities to prevent unsightly stains.

Typical Uses:
• Cedar Shakes/Shingles
• Wooden Fences

• Water-repellent and weather-resistant cedar wood protection.
• Contains natural pigments and Titanium Dioxide UV Blocker.
• Water-based, environmentally friendly formulation.
• Available in 6 semi-transparent colors.
• Easy to apply. Sta Brite R can be sprayed with a garden sprayer and does not require back brushing.
• Highly concentrated mix. Each pail covers a large area as it can be diluted with up to 7 parts water.
• Easy soap and water cleanup.

• Protects wood against cupping, curling and warping.
• Enhances the natural beauty of exterior wood.
• Helps prevent deterioration from sunlight and moisture exposure.
• Cost effective. Extends or even doubles the service life of cedar roofs for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.
• Minimal odor. Pleasant to use and no concerns about VOC emissions.

Coverage Rate:
• The typical coverage rate of diluted Sta Brite R is 50 to 150 square feet per gallon depending on application, age of wood and porosity.
• Diluted at a 6:1 water to Sta Brite R concentrate mix, one 5 gallon pail of Sta Brite R will make 30 gallons of mix and cover 1,500 to 4,500 square feet of surface area.

Sta-Brite R Roof Protector and Stain Colors:
Brown, Cedar, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Light Grey and Medium Grey.

More Information
Stain BaseWater-Based
Stain Opacity Semi-Transparent
Stain Use AreaExterior, Cedar Shingles
Guides / Product Info

Sta-Brite R Application & Technical Resources:
Product Brochure
Product Guide
Rack Card
Safety Data Sheet

Application Methods:
• Mixture can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed on wooden roofing, unpainted siding and fencing, etc., or wood may be dipped into the mixture.
• The solution should be stirred regularly during application to maintain the pigments in suspension, providing an even color on the treated surfaces.
• If a garden sprayer is used, it should be shaken regularly during application.

Surface Preparation:
• Old, weathered and discolored wood should be free of debris, cleaned properly, and thoroughly dried before application.
• Low-pressured power washing, with or without bleaching agents, may be used to remove moss, mold or algae. Make sure any bleaching agents used are washed off prior to the application of Sta Brite R.
• Hand brushing and air blowing may also be appropriate.
• Do not apply onto any surface that is painted, stained or contains any water repellent without first removing the existing coating or water repellent completely. Sta Brite R will not work on surfaces that are treated with a water repellent.
• Pressure-treated wood should be allowed to age and weather at least six months prior to the application of Sta Brite R.

Mixing Instructions:
• Shake or mix the concentrate thoroughly before diluting with from four to seven parts water.
• Mechanical mixing such as with a drill stirrer is recommended.
• For deeper color and added durability (especially when wood is shaded by trees or in areas with extremely heavy rainfall), water should be reduced to as low as four parts. Six parts water is the normal recommended dilution.
The diluted solution should be used on the same day it is mixed.

Application Instructions:
• Temperature should be above freezing.
• Shake or mix concentrate well before using.
• Maintain good agitation of diluted product during application.
• Do not apply less than 48 hours after rain for best results.
• To ensure the correct color, test spray a section of wood prior to coating the entire surface.
• Complete drying time is less than 24 hours. Surface is usually dry to the touch in 3-4 hours.
• Please note: Do not apply Sta Bright R to horizontal surfaces (decks or walkways) as traffic will scuff and quickly remove color and/or track pigments onto interior surfaces. Do not apply this product if rain is expected within 24 hours or if temperature is below freezing.

Product Storage:
• Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Protect against physical damage. Mix contents before using. Do not allow to freeze.
• Observe good personal hygiene practices. Change protective gloves/clothing when signs of contamination appear.

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