Spax PowerLag Log and Timber Screws - XTM Pancake Head

SPAX PowerLag Log and Timber Screws - XTM Pancake Head are the ultimate in heavy-duty log and timber fasteners. With patented thread serrations that eliminate the need to pre-drill, SPAX PowerLag screws will increase your installation speed while preventing cracks in your logs. Code listed, load rated, and corrosion resistant, SPAX PowerLag screws provide peace of mind as you build your log or timber frame construction.
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Spax PowerLag Log and Timber Screws are heavy-duty log home fasteners, German engineered for exceptional efficiency and reliability. The large, flat “Pancake Head” of the XTM series offers superior flush or countersunk installation to create a tight connection between logs, while patented thread serrations increase installation speed by eliminating the need to pre-drill holes. Corrosion resistant, load rated, and code listed, SPAX PowerLag screws will be an asset to any log construction project. 

The Spax PowerLag Log and Tmber Screw – XTM Pancake Head is ideal for:
• Applications requiring additional pull-down power
• Warped and twisted logs
• Oversized logs
• Wet or soft logs

Spax XTM PowerLag Log and Timber Screws Features
• Low profile, large diameter head provides exceptional draw down
• Deep T-Star Drive for superior T-40 bit engagement
• Proprietary coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and prevents the staining of wet logs
• Fastener length stamped on the head for convenient job site identification
• Patented thread serrations require up to 40% less driving torque, preventing cracks in logs
• Weather-resistant packaging
• Building code recognized

Spax XTM PowerLag Log and Timber Screws Benefits
• No pre-drilling required
• Superior flush or countersinking installation
• Increased draw down power for warped logs.
• Easy removal of countersunk heads
• Load rated
• Corrosion resistant
• Faster installation time

Spax XTM PowerLag Log and Timber Screws Physical Data
• Available Lengths: 4”, 6” 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”
• Head Style: 5/16" Star Head for use with T-40 Drive Bit
• Thread Diameter:
• Thread Length: 2.375"

Spax PowerLag Log and Timber Screws Resources
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