Sikkens Proluxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish

Sikkens Proluxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish is a highly-protective opaque finish with a low-luster sheen that hides wood grain but accentuates texture. Available in rich wood tones and complementary exterior hues for use on a variety of exterior wood surfaces. This product is a custom mixed, non-returnable item.
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Sikkens Wood Finishes is now PPG ProLuxe. The same great Sikkens formula you’ve come to know and trust, now has a slightly different name.
Whether the name on the label says Sikkens or PPG ProLuxe, you can be confident that the product in the can has not changed. The high-quality formula that is synonymous with the Sikkens name is exactly the same. Please click herehere, or here for further information from PPG on this change.

Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish is a highly-protective opaque finish with a low-luster sheen that hides the wood grain while accentuating the surface texture. Recommended for decks, siding, fences, garage doors, and trim, Rubbol Solid Wood Finish provides a dirt and mildew-resistant finish that is UV-resistant and water-repellent. As a self-priming product on most surfaces, this finish is easy to apply and provides excellent protection for all vertical and high-traffic horizontal surfaces.

Tinting of Rubbol Solid Stain:
• This product is tinted to order from its stain base. Each pre-tinted pail is electronically matched to its color formula and manually checked for color accuracy to its PPG color standard. We also retain a record of each pail's tinting to as a reference for subsequent color matching.
• This product's stain base is available for purchase as well.
• This product normally ships within 2 days or ordering.
We do not accept returns on tinted colors of this product.

Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Recommended Usage
• Rubbol Solid Wood Finish can be used on Decks, Siding, Trim, Shakes, Shingles, Fences, Garage Doors, Rails, Covered Porches, Benches, Pre-primed Fiber Cement Siding, Composite Decking, and Exterior Plywood (T1-11 Board).
• Rubbol Solid Wood Finish can be used on many species of wood including Cedar, Pine, Spruce, and Fir.
• Rubbol Solid Wood Finish should not be used on exotic hardwoods.

Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Features and Benefits
• Provides a more dirt and mildew-resistant finish than standard flat-finish stains
• Ideal for all vertical and especially for high-traffic horizontal surfaces
• Water-repellent
• Exceptional UV resistance to slow color fade
• Self-priming on most bare or previously-coated surfaces
• Made from a high-quality water-based Acrylic Resin
• Easy clean-up with soap and water

 Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Color Visualization Tool
• You can model what your home will look like with Sikkens ProLuxe finishes using the Sikkens Proluxe "Color Your Home" website
• Please note that colors render differently on different computers and may not precisely match the color of your delivered stain. 

Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Coverage Rates
• Smooth wood coverage: 300-400 sq. ft./gal.
• Rough wood coverage: 150-200 sq. ft./gal.
• Actual coverage may vary depending on the type, age, and texture of the wood and application method.

2019 Name Update:
• PPG has announced that Proluxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish will now be known as Proluxe Premium Solid Stain Wood Finish. Please click here for further details on this change.

Recent PPG Proluxe Manufacturer's Rebate Forms:
PPG Proluxe Rebate July 2022

Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Colors:
Almond (200), Arctic Blue (285), Aspen Green (272), Bayberry (273), Beachwood (203), Blue Granite (223), Buckskin (209), Burnt Clay (245), Buttercup (265), Butternut (213), Cedar (156), Chestnut Brown (201), Colonial Blue (409), Coral Mist (244), Corn Silk (266), Crystal Stream (284), Desert Tan (208), Driftwood (528), Fawn (212), Fog Grey (520), Forest Green (414), Ginger Root (268), Harbor Grey (225), Hazelnut (215), Hickory (214), Maple (211), Moonglo (261), Moss Green (274), Mountain Ash (220), Mountain Grey (229), Navajo Red (052), Navajo White (231), Ocean Mist (221), Oxford Brown (058), Pale Wheat (234), Quail (206), River Bed (226), Russet (402), Rye (236), Sagebrush (275), Sahara Sand (210), Sandstone (204), Silver Birch (283), Slate (228), Stonehedge (222), Stonewood (227), Taupe (202), Terra Cotta (246), Warm White (233), Willow (205), Winter Mist (235), Woodland Green (408)

More Information
BrandSikkens Proluxe
Stain BaseWater-Based
Stain Opacity Solid
Stain Use AreaLogs, Siding, Decks, Doors / Windows, Exterior, Wood Trim, Furniture, Cedar Shingles
Guides / Product Info

Additional Technical Resources for Sikkens Proluxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish:
Rubbol Solid Wood Finish CPSC Certificate of Compliance
Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Safety Data Sheet - Spanish
Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Safety Data Sheet - French

Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Preparation Procedures:
For New, Weathered, Uncoated, and Previously-coated Wood:
• Spray the surface with water, wetting the wood.
• Clean the surface with a solution of four ounces of 100% powdered Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) or phosphate-free substitute, plus one quart of liquid bleach in three quarts of water. Apply this solution generously to the wood with a garden pump sprayer or heavy nap roller cover.
• Let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes. During this period, scrub the surface with a hard bristle brush to help remove mill glaze or weathering. Do not allow solution to dry on the wood surface.
• Power-wash wood surface with water using 500-800 psi with the nozzle 8-12 inches away to remove cleaning solution.
• Allow the surface to dry for 48-72 hours, or to have a moisture content of 18% or less before application.
• For optimal performance and appearance on wood deck, sand with 60-80 grit sand paper. Always sand in the direction of the wood grain. For vertical surfaces, use 80-120 grit sandpaper.
• Finish should be applied within one week of preparation for horizontal surfaces (decks) and four weeks for vertical surfaces (siding), provided that the surface remains free of dirt, grease, grime, and mildew.
• NOTE: Tannin-containing woods such as Redwood, Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Douglas fir contain tannic acid which tends to migrate to the surface and discolor the stain, and is especially noticeable when using white or light colors. The discoloration is not harmful. To avoid discoloration, apply an oil-based stain-blocking primer. Pressure-treated wood must be properly seasoned, dry, and free of salts and other water-soluble materials before applying stain.

For Composite Decking Surfaces:
• Follow Preparation Procedures 1-5 above.
• Do NOT sand composites. Always perform an adhesion test before application.
• Additionally, staining may void some composite decking manufacturers’ warranties.

New pressure-treated lumber requires a six-week drying period prior to application.
Water repellent treated lumber requires one year of weathering prior to application.

• It is always recommended to perform a two-coat test sample to confirm desired color results.
• New rough-sawn wood (less than four weeks old) should be dry-brushed using a brush with stiff bristles to remove loose dirt and fibers.
• Extractive-prone wood species such as cedar or redwood may require a non-bleed oil-based primer.
• Weathered grey wood or wood affected with blue fungi or rust from nails may be treated after the surface preparation by applying a solution of four ounces of Oxalic Acid Crystals in one gallon of warm water. This solution should be allowed to sit on the affected areas for 15-20 minutes before the final power wash with clean water. Allow to dry three days before coating.
• Fill all joints, cracks and nail holes with a good quality polyurethane or acrylic caulk/filler prior to applying the coating.
• Coatings in poor condition, i.e., peeling and flaking, need to be completely removed before applying a new finish.

 Sikkens ProLuxe Rubbol Solid Wood Finish Application Procedures
• Follow the Preparation Procedures
• Apply two coats of the product. Allow 4-6 hours of drying time between coats. For previously-coated surfaces, one coat may be used.
• Clean tools with warm water and soap.
• Apply when the surface and air temperature is between 50°F (10°C) - 90°F (32°C).
• Stir well before using.
• Saturate all end grains.
• Maintain a wet edge.
• Apply in the direction of the wood grain.
• Back prime if possible.
• Intermix batches to ensure color consistency.
• Use roller, spray, or nylon polyester brush.
• Do not apply in direct sunlight.
• Do not apply when the surface is hot to the touch.
• Do not apply when dew, rain, or frost is present or expected within five hours.
• Do not apply when the moisture content of the wood is greater than 18%.

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