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Siding Gap Caps are cut to closely match the unique curvature of log siding. Using ¾” closed cell flexible foam, the Siding Gap Cap reduces air infiltration where round siding meets window and door trim.
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Introducing the Log Gap Cap specifically for Log Siding! The Log Gap Cap – Siding Profile is a new product designed specifically for log siding applications. While the original Log Gap can be trimmed for use with siding, this new siding profile is engineered to more closely match the unique curvature of log siding. Engineered from ¾” closed cell flexible foam, the Log Siding Gap Cap compresses and remains in place with little or no extra caulking required. Made in the USA.

• Small Siding Gap Cap (LS-1.25): Base = 5 1/2”, Height: 1 1/4”. Typically Fits 5” – 6” siding widths.
• Large Siding Gap Cap (LS-1.75): Base = 7”, Height: 1 3/4”. Typically Fits 7” – 8” siding widths.
• Both sizes are packaged 50 Siding Gap Caps/Box.
• Please Note: Sized as a hyperbolic triangle where the longest dimension is base. (all sizes +/-1/8”).

Features & Benefits:
• Reduces air infiltration where round logs meet window and door jamb trim.
• Pre-cut foam inserts fits most round log profiles.
• Can be trimmed easily to fit in different sized log diameters and applications.
• Seal over with a premium caulking such as Perma Chink Energy Seal Caulk or Weatherall UV Guard Textured Caulk to virtually stop any water or air infiltration.
• Resistant to mold, rot, bacteria, and will not absorb moisture.

Gap Cap Size and Selection Chart

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