Poplar Bark Siding

Maintenance-free Poplar Bark Siding is the perfect way to give your home a long-lasting, beautifully rustic appearance with no staining or sealing needed.

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Give your home the attention to detail it deserves with all-natural, maintenance-free Poplar Bark Siding. Sourced only during the summer months from felled Tulip Poplar trees, this siding is easy to install and maintains its beautifully-rustic appearance with no staining or sealing required. Environmentally-friendly, as well as decorative and practical, Poplar Bark Siding is naturally resistant to the elements, does not attract carpenter bees or termites, and adds a layer of insulation to your home. As a kiln-dried product, it is suitable for both interior and exterior walls, making a beautiful accent to windows, porches, dormers, gables, and even hot tub enclosures. Pre-ordering is recommended as supply can be limited due to the short harvesting season. Please call today with any questions you may have.

Features & Benefits of Poplar Bark Siding:
Low Maintenance – Poplar Bark Siding are virtually maintenance-free, never requiring staining, sealing, or chemical treatments.
Extreme Durability – Poplar Bark is a natural protector, resistant to both harsh weather and insects.
Ease of Installation – Like Cedar Shakes and similar sidings, Poplar Bark Siding affixes easily to a prepared subsurface with screws or ring-shanked nails.
Versatility – Poplar Bark Siding can be used on both interior and exterior walls and with many different architectural styles, giving you the choice of complete wall cover or simply a small accent area.
Quality – Harvested immediately after the tree is felled, the bark is inspected and then delivered to the plant, where it is re-inspected, sorted, graded, and then carefully kiln-dried to ensure stable moisture content. Our bark is inspected a minimum of 10 different times throughout the manufacturing process.
Energy Efficiency – In addition to being renewable, biodegradable, long-lasting, and all natural, Poplar Bark Siding also adds a layer of insulation to your home, thereby decreasing your carbon footprint.

Product Specifications:
Height: 18” and 24” available
Width: Each shake can vary in width from 4”-36”. Most individual shakes will average 12”-16” wide.
Weight: Less than 2 lbs/sf
Species: Tulip Poplar
Minimum order quantity: 500 sf
Texture: Natural Bark
Drying Type: Kiln-dried
Availability: Limited quantities available. This product is usually not available for shipping until mid-June. Once the product is available, please allow a typical lead time of 2 weeks from the date of order.
Recommended Fastener: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc-coated, or other code-approved corrosion-resistive screws or ring-shanked galvanized nails
Shipping Options: Flat-bed tractor trailer, Roll Back, LTL Carrier. Shipping method is determined based on location and order size to minimize cost.
Grade: Thickness is the only differing factor in grade –
  • Choice – 1/2” thickness
  • Standard – 5/8”-15/16” thickness
  • Premium – 1”-1 3/8” thickness
Packaging: Pallet –
  • The 18” offers 500 sf of product per pallet
  • The 24” offers 504 sf of product per pallet
Coverage Calculations:
First, figure the square feet of area to cover.
Use the following formula to calculate how much material needed for a 2” lap:

Example: 25’ x 20’ = 500 sf of surface area
500 sf of surface area / .83 = 602 sf of material needed
**Add waste factor of 10-15%**
602 x 1.10 = 662.2 > 662 sf of Poplar Bark needed

Storage Prior To Installation:
Keep the Poplar Bark dry prior to installation. Stack siding off the ground and under cover. If the bark is to be stored over damp ground or concrete, place a moisture barrier under the siding. Stored siding should be 4 to 6 inches above the ground with air circulating freely around and throughout the stack. The bark should be protected with a waterproof covering elevated in the center so that water does not pool on the cover.