Perma-Chink OxCon Oxalic Acid

OxCon is an effective product for the removal of dark colored areas in wood caused by metallic chemical salts. (i.e screws,nails, "iron stains" etc.) As it is a concentrated solution, OxCon must be proportioned with four parts water. The treated area should be properly tested with PH strips before applying a cleaner. Due to its high potency OxCon is not recommended for spot cleaning as it can cause blotching.
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Perma-Chink OxCon (oxalic acid concentrate) is an effective treatment for rust stains from around nails, spikes, and screws.

Oxcon comes as a concentrate that is diluted with water prior to use. It is best applied using a garden type pump-up sprayer but a brush or broom will also work. Apply a liberal amount to the wood, let it work on the surface for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
Oxcon should not be used for spot cleaning since it may cause blotching of the surface.

Perma-Chink OxCon Recommended Applications
• To remove discolorations due to the presence of metallic tannates and rust.
• To brighten the wood after the use of high pH strippers and cleaners.
• To even out the color of a wall that's blotchy.

Do not use OxCon to:
• Remove grayed wood.
• “Neutralize” the wood after the use of other chemicals.
• To remove brown stain, blue stain or flavonoid discolorations.

Perma-Chink OxCon Application Methods & Special Instructions
• Garden pump sprayer.
• Apply from bottom-up, rinse from top-down.
• Do not allow to freeze.
• Rinse thoroughly and completely.
• Make sure the surface is clean and mold free.

Perma-Chink OxCon Application Instructions
• Application Temperature - 40° to 90°.
• Mix one (1) part OxCon with four (4) parts water for use.
• Diluted OxCon is designed to remove metallic discolorations as well as to brighten up wood surfaces that have turned dark from the use of high pH (alkaline) cleaners and strippers.
• OxCon should not be used to remove grayed wood fibers.
• Wood ReNew™ works best for removing grayed UV damaged surface wood.

Perma-Chink OxCon Coverage Rate & Shelf Life
• OxCon has a coverage rate of 1000 - 2000 square feet / gallon depending on the surface of the wood.
• OxCon has a 6 months shelf life.

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