Perma-Chink M-Balm Liquid Wood Epoxy

M-Balm Liquid Wood Epoxy is an effective solution to consolidate and repair rotted or deteriorated wood. After applying M-Balm Liquid Wood Epoxy the affected area will then be prepared for use with E-Wood Epoxy Wood Filler.
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Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Wood Consolidator:
Wood that has lost its integrity due to decay or insects can be hardened and consolidated with M-Balm. This two-component liquid epoxy penetrates into soft, porous or spongy wood to form a strong water-resistant mass. M-Balm should always be used in preparation for filling pockets of decayed wood with E-Wood epoxy putty.

Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Features & Benefits:
• Penetrates deeply into deteriorated and rotted wood, creating a strong, solid base for restoration.
• Two component liquid epoxy.
• Low viscosity for penetration into soft, spongy and porous wood.
• Forms a hard, water resistant mass.
• Excellent for both interior and exterior use.

Application Methods:
• Squeeze bottle
• Syringe
• Small brush

Perma-Chink M-Balm Resources:
SDS Sheet - M-Balm Part A
SDS Sheet - M-Balm Part B

Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Application Instructions & Technique:
• Application temperature is between 40° F to 90° F.
• Mix two parts of M-Balm Epoxy (Part A) with one part of M-Balm Hardener (Part B) by volume.
• Mix no more that can be applied within 30 minutes.
• For easy measurement, use mixing/applicator squeeze bottle.
• Apply to affected area with mixing/applicator squeeze bottle, syringe, brush or roller.
• Apply only to dry wood.  The wood must be very dry (15% moisture content or less).
• Repeat if necessary.
• In extreme cases of deep rot, drill a series of holes into the decayed area and pour liberally into the affected area.
• Allow time for M-Balm to soak well into the area.
• Repeat if necessary.
• M-Balm coverage rate depends on porosity of wood.

Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Package Contents:
24 Oz. Box:
• (1) 16 Oz. Bottle Epoxy (Part A)
• (1) 8 Oz. Bottle Hardener (Part B)
• (1) 8 Oz. Mixing/Applicator Squeeze Bottle

1.5 Gallon Kit:
• (1) 1 Gallon Jug Epoxy (Part A)
• (1) ½ Gallon Jug Hardener (Part B)

Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Drying Time & Cleanup:
• Uncured mixed M-Balm (Part A and Part B) may be cleaned up with white vinegar then flushed with water.
• M-Balm Epoxy dries between 12 to 24 hours.
• Do not allow to dry on wall.
• M-Balm cures slower in low temperatures. (Never change mixing rates to compensate for temperature.)

Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Shelf Life:
• M-Balm has a shelf life of 1 year.
• Do not freeze!

Perma-Chink M-Balm Epoxy Safety Precautions:
• Always wear protective disposable gloves when using this product.
• Avoid skin contact. Skin sensitization may result from prolonged and repeated contact.
• If use causes soreness, redness, blistering, or other symptoms of irritation, stop use and see a physician immediately. Use with adequate ventilation.
• If eye contact occurs, flush with large quantities of water and contact a physician immediately. Do not use around open flame.
• If Part A is swallowed, induce vomiting.
• If Part B is swallowed, do not induce vomiting.

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