Insect Solutions

Protecting your home from pests is one of the unfortunate, yet necessary, aspects of home ownership. Twin Creeks Log Home Supply carries a full line of products that will not only give you peace of mind about your home’s safety, but will also make your job much easier. We offer chemical products from such reputable brands as Bee Gone, Perma-Chink, and Walla-Walla Environmental, as well as actual trapping devices that will curtail the damage caused by carpenter bees. Contact us today and let us advise you on the products to best suit your pest control needs.

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  1. Bee Gone Insecticide - 8 Oz. Bottle - Free Shipping
    Bee Gone Insecticide Concentrate - 8 Oz. Bottle
  2. Bug Juice Contact Insecticide Group
    Bug Juice Insecticide
    Starting at $9.50
  3. Carpenter Bee Trap - Small
    Carpenter Bee Traps
    Starting at $21.95
  4. Perma-Chink Armor Guard Pail 17 Pound Pail
    Perma-Chink Armor Guard Borate Powder
    Starting at $7.59
  5. Shell-Guard Concentrate - Free Ship for 5 Gallon Purchases
    Shell Guard Concentrate Wood Preservative
    Starting at $124.00
  6. Shell-Guard RTU - Free Ship on 5 Gallon Purchases
    Shell-Guard RTU Wood Preservative
    Starting at $103.00
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