Log Home Foam Gasket Tape

Foam gasket tape is an integral part of sealing the joints of a milled log home. Manufactured with high quality closed-cell PVC, our gasket tape is resistant to fire, UV rays, and most chemicals and solvents. Save on energy costs and increase structural stability more efficiently by using Log Home Foam Gasket Tape on your next build.

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Box 3/8"x1/2"x700' Foam Gaskets
Box 1/2"x1/2"x700' Foam Gaskets
Box 1/4"x1/2"x1400' Foam Gaskets
Box 3/8"x3/8"x925' Foam Gaskets

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Log Home Insulating Foam Gasket Tape

Twin Creeks Log Home Supply carries a complete line of high quality engineered PVC foam insulating tapes as a solution for your most demanding log home sealing and installation requirements. Many other sizes are available per special order to suit most hand-crafted and milled logs.

Our log home insulating foam tape is a low density, closed cell PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam. Easily compressed, yet maintains good internal strength, this foam is manufactured with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side.

Where to Use Log Home Foam Gaskets:
Install Log Home Gasket Tape between log courses during construction to form a uniform seal between the logs. It is flexible and maintains a seal during seasoning of the logs. Foam tape gaskets are an integral part of sealing the joints of a newly milled log home.

Features and Benefits of Log Home Foam Gasket Tape:
Easily conforms to irregular surfaces.
Compresses easily to allow logs to seat.
Comes in an easy to use roll form.
Easy release liner eliminates stretching during application.
Can be applied in a range of -20 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
Resistant to fire, ultraviolet rays, and most chemicals and solvents.
Closed cell structure seals out light, air drafts, dust and moisture.
Cushions against shock and vibration.

Available Log Home Foam Gaskets Sizes:
Our Log Home Gasket Tape is available in 3/8"x1/2", 1/2"x1/2", 3/8"x3/8", 1/4"x1/2" individual rolls of 25', packaged in boxes of 700'.

Log Profiles Compatible with Foam Gasket Tape:
• We specify 1/4"x1/2" Foam Gasket Tape for our 6x12 Log Profiles.
• We specify the 3/8"x1/2" Foam Gasket Tape for all our other log profiles.

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