Dual Cope White Pine Log Stairs

Dual Cope White Pine Log Stairs are built using a patented design and milling process for unmatched quality and stability. Each stair system is pre-built for accuracy and shipped unassembled, ready to install at your job site. Each stairway order includes: treads, stringers, hardware, and a detailed installation video.

This item is priced on a per-tread basis.

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Our Dual Cope White Pine Log Stairs are milled from kiln-dried Eastern White Pine timbers. Each stringer is made from one solid timber and is then milled so each tread fits snugly into place. The Dual Cope Log Stairway design is intended to look as if the treads are "floating" above the stairs for a modern/rustic look. Each stairway is then pre-constructed at the end of the fabrication process to ensure that it will fit together exactly as intended when unpacked at your job site. Since our manufacturing process eliminates the need for modification or retrofitting, these stairways can be installed by anyone with some woodworking experience and power tools.

Dual Cope White Pine Log Stair Features:
• Timeless and tasteful designs
• Highly-precise, patented fabrication process
• Code compliant
• Fully customizable
• Convenient and accurate ordering process
• Quick and easy installation

Included Items:
• Two Hand-hewn, Eastern White Pine stringers milled to your specifications.
• All stair treads needed for your stairway, milled to fit specifically with your stringers.
• All hardware needed for stringer-to-tread connections and wood plugs to fill the countersinking holes.
• A DVD from the manufacturer providing step-by-step instructions on how to install your stairway.
• Log Stair Railings are not included with a log stairway order. We offer a wide variety of log railing options that can be paired with your log stairway.

Special Cuts:
• Stringer ends are cut at an angle to fit the header and floor at no extra cost.
• Optional Birdsmouth can be cut to fit over the landing/floor opening for an additional cost.
• Optional cut to remove 2" or 3" from the radius of half-round log stringers for a planed, flat fit against the wall. The 3" cut requires the stringer be bolted to the wall for maximum strength and should not be free floating.

Full-Log Stringer Specifications:
Species: White Pine
Finishing: Unfinished
Drying Type: Kiln-Dried
Diameter: Approximately 10 1/2"
Lengths: Available up to 24'
Texture: Hand-Hewn

Half-Log Tread Specifications:
Species: White Pine
Finishing: Unfinished
Drying Type: Kiln-Dried
Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 12"
Lengths: Available up to 12"
Texture: Hand-Hewn with a smooth-planed tread surface

Typical Lead Time: 2 weeks
Shipping Options: Each stairway is disassembled and palletized for efficient shipment via LTL Carrier, Flatbed tractor trailer, or Roll Back. Shipping method is determined based on location and order size to minimize cost.

Fabrication Process: Using customer measurements, a 3-D CAD drawing is made, detailing the precise rise, run, gap size, and stringer dimensions at the landing and header. Once the design is finalized, CNC machines precisely cut each component, which is then assembled to verify accuracy and eliminate on-site trimming. The processes used in manufacturing these log stairs greatly increases the strength of the stairway, eliminating stringer deflection or the need for a center support. With the treads and stringers so meticulously cut, the fit, as well as the rise and run measurements, are guaranteed to be consistent along the length of the staircase. This log design creates the illusion of floating steps, producing a beautifully rustic focal point to any room in your home.

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