Carpenter Bee Traps

The Carpenter Bee Trap is designed to efficiently capture and kill the carpenter bees that drill into and damage wood homes. They are simple to use, easy to hang, and can double as a trap for other types of bees as well.
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Brilliantly designed, our Carpenter Bee Traps are the perfect solution to the damage being done to your home by carpenter bees. Easily affixed to any structure, the trap consists of a small wooden box, pre-drilled with angled holes around the perimeter, and a port to attach a 16-ounce glass Mason jar at the bottom.

How Does It Work?
Once installed, carpenter bees are lured into the box in one of two ways. First, a bee will enter the angled holes to avoid drilling a new hole in which to build its nest. Second, once a bee is inside the trap, it emits a signal that draws other carpenter bees to its vicinity.

Once inside, the bees fall through the wooden trap down to the glass jar. Carpenter bees cannot escape back out of the trap because the opening at the bottom of the jar is smaller than the diameter of their wings.

When the Mason jar becomes full, it can simply be unscrewed and emptied.

Design Benefits:
• The trap is made with rounded edges to easily shed water.
• Each trap comes with a port to attach a 16-ounce Mason jar. Mason jars are not included.
• Every trap has a sizable overhang to keep water off the trap and out of the pre-drilled holes.
• Each trap is made from high-quality Spruce or Pine.
• The Large size trap sits flush against a surface wall and comes pre-drilled with 4 holes.
• The Small size trap hangs from a chain and comes pre-drilled with 3 holes.
• Our Carpenter Bee Traps are proudly made in East Tennessee.


• Hang the trap in the area of highest bee activity.
• Plug any existing holes on the house or structure, so that the carpenter bees will seek out holes in the trap rather than bore a new hole.
• When the jar is full, simply unscrew and empty it. It is recommended that you leave one female bee (black head) in the trap, as the pheromone released by the female bee will attract male bees.
• If you wish to use your trap to attract hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets in addition to carpenter bees, add 1 inch of sugared soda such as Mountain Dew and 5 drops of dish soap to the inside of the jar.

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