How can I protect my home against carpenter bees?

Carpenter Bees present one of the most common maintenance problems log home owners face. These insects tunnel into log homes to nest which can cause significant damage and headaches. We have found that the following products when used in conjunction with other traditional methods can greatly decrease the problems carpenter bees can cause.

Bug Juice

Bug Juice Bottle

is the first ever EPA registered insecticide paint additive designed for interior and exterior use. Bug-Juice kills crawling and flying insects on contact. Not only does Bug-Juice not affect the color of the coating, it will also not affect the drying time and process.




Bee Gone

is an EPA registered Pyretheroid insecticide which can be applied in WOODguard or water to wooden structural surfaces on residential buildings. Bee Gone controls a wide range of insects, including beetles, spiders and all forms of bees. Bee Gone may also be used to control home-invading insects as a residual spray on outside surfaces, such as walks, garbage areas, window frames, doorways, porches, and patios.



For more information on carpenter bees and dealing with existing carpenter bee holes, please see the Log Homes Council’s Tech Note on Controlling Carpenter Bees.