Allway 5 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer (10032)

The Allway 5 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer (10032) quickly mixes paints, stains and sealants. Durable polypropylene and steel 5/16" hex rod construction.

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The Allway 5 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer (10032) provides top performance for mixing paint and other liquid. This mixer is one of the fastest mixers of its kind with its patented mixer head, which creates a Helix-like mixing action. The Helix mixer fits 5 gallon paint pails and has a 5/16" hex shaft to fit all electric drills.

Features and Benefits:
• Fastest mixers of its kind.
• Fits all electric drills.
• Polypropylene blades - Will not damage paint can.
• 5/16" Hex shaft provides more secure mount than round ones.
• Easy Clean Up: Shape and material enhance easy clean-up.
• Mixer blades are designed to reach corners and bottom of can.

Product Specifications and Usage:
• For 5 gallon pails.
• Polypropylene blade with H/D 5/16” hex shaft.
• Total length: 18.25 in.
• Product Number: 10032
• Patented.

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MPNHM5 10032