Accent Wall In A Box

How to install Accent Wall In A Box by Coeur d'Alene Wood

Indestructible Dripless

Dripless Caulk Guns: The lengths some people will go to trying to defeat our tools!

Thrust Ratio Explained

Ever wonder what the "thrust ratio" refers to when grading caulking guns? Our engineer explains to Drew and you can listen in.

Dripless ETS 3000,5000,6000

Overview of the Dripless ETS 3000, 5000, and 6000 Composite Caulk Guns.

How To Load Your Paint Brush - Purdy Paint Tools

The Paint Doctor shows you how to load the brush the proper way to get the optimum amount of paint on your brush before you apply it to the surface.

How To Cut In When Painting | Purdy Paint Tools

The experts at Purdy show how to cut in when painting. With proper technique, you can control where the paint goes using only your skill and the brush.

How to Clean Paint Brushes | Purdy Paint Tools

Preserve the life of your brush with these tips on how to clean paint brushes. With proper care and cleaning, Purdy brushes will continue to perform for years.

Purdy Paint Brushes | Purdy Paint Tools

Different applications and paint require different types of paint brushes and at Purdy we have crafted many new products to meet those demands.

How To Choose A Paint Brush | Purdy Paint Tools

The professionals at Purdy® explain how to choose a paint brush based on the job and type of paint being used.

Purdy: Paint Any Surface With Ease

To show how versatile the Purdy XL paintbrush is, we used the brush to paint over a total of 9 different surfaces, creating a diorama of a New York City scene.

Purdy XL Brushes

The Purdy XL Brush is our most versatile brush for nearly any project. As our most adaptable brush series, it is crafted for use with all paints and stains.

Purdy® White Bristle Brushes

Purdy White Bristle Brushes are best when you need an extremely smooth finish with oil-based stains. Try them on your woodworking project for stunning results.