Albion Caulk Bucket Scraping Tool

The Albion Caulk Bucket Scraping Tool is constructed of rigid stainless steel ground to a flat beveled edge to enable excellent removal of material from the sides of caulk buckets. This tool may be used to remove excess material such as caulk and chinking from substrates.

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The Albion 2” Caulk Bucket Scraping Tool (258-33718) is a ridged stainless steel scraper with a comfortable hardwood handle.  This Albion scraping tool can be used for removing excess materials such as caulk and chinking off substrates or compounds from the sides of bulk buckets.

Features and Benefits:
• 2" Wide x 8" Long.
• Rigid stainless steel construction.
• Comfortable offset hardwood handle.
• Ground knife edge - enables efficient removal of caulking material from sides and bottom of bulk pail.
• Also used for scraping excess materials off substrates.
• For saw cut or flush joints where material overflows.
• Great caulking tool for masonry jobs. 
• Excellent for flush joints where material overflows the joint.
• Professional Grade scraper.

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