Olylog Log Home Fasteners

The OMG OlyLog Screw greatly reduces labor time. Self countersinking, no predrilling, strong pull down power.

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2 1/2" - Box (500) Olylog Screws
Price $97.81
4" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $72.02
6" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $91.26
8" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $109.46
9" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $114.35
10" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $122.57
12" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $155.95
14" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $176.23
16" - Box (250) Olylog Screws
Price $207.48


The FastenMaster OlyLog Screw is the first threaded log home fastener which requires no predrilling and is ACQ approved. Since its introduction, the OlyLog has changed the way log homes are constructed.

FastenMaster OlyLog Product Features
• Installs much faster and easier than lags & spikes – Saves time and fatigue. – Dramatically lowers installed cost.
• Requires no predrilling – Eliminates on-site predrilling.
• Countersinks into log – Allows log to settle naturally.
• Draws warped logs down.
• Removable and reusable.
• Eliminates jarring and damage caused by a sledge hammer.
• Engineered for increased strength and performance.

FastenMaster OlyLog Product Benefits
• No predrilling.
• Self countersinking headstyle.
• Strong pull down and holding power.
• Removable: Just put the drill in reverse and back it out.
• Corrosion resistant. ACQ Approved.
• No sledge hammer damage.
• Greatly reduced labor time.

FastenMaster OlyLog Installation Instructions
• Use a 1/2", high torque, low RPM drill.
• Install OlyLog perpendicular to the log.
• Countersink the OlyLog a minimum of 1/4".

FastenMaster OlyLog Physical Data
• Available Sizes: 2 1/2", 4", 6", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14", 16"
• Head Style: Hex
• Thread Length: 2"
• Thread Diameter: 0.25"
• Shank Diameter: 0.19"
• All screw sizes are packaged 250/box. One hex bit per box is included.

OMG Olylog Screw Resources
OMG FastenMaster Olylog Guarantee of Performance

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Product Questions

What is the thread length for the Olylog screw?
I am building a Log Home in Scotland using a tongue and grooved log which is 180mm x 114mm or 7" x 5". This Scandinavian sourced house does not traditionally use OlyLog screws however I would like to use them to reduce the settling time and to straighten twisted logs.
Could you advise me on the spacing between the screws and whether I should use OlyLog screws or the heavier HogLog screws for this size of log.
I am building a log cabin using 8x8 square logs, what length would you suggest I use for screws as well as the spacing between the screws? What is the recommended method of securing the logs where there is a doorway or window?

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