Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of logs do you sell?

    Our logs are Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar. They are available in a variety of profiles.

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  • Do you sell pre-cut kits?

    No, we only sell logs by the linear foot. This method consistently saves our customers thousands of dollars over pre-cut kits.

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  • How much of my house can you supply?

    Twin Creeks is able to supply most of your custom wood needs. These include the exterior log walls, log siding, exposed beam system, tongue and groove interior paneling, pine flooring, hardware for installation, stains and finishes, and roof insulation plus so much more!

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  • Do you sell kiln dried logs?

    Yes! Our kiln dried logs are dried to a surface moisture content of approximately 18%. We always keep the 6x8 white pine kiln dried logs in stock, available for next day shipping. All other profiles are available three weeks from the date of order. We also sell high quality air dried logs in the same variety of profiles as the kiln dried logs.

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  • Are log homes energy efficient?

    Yes. Log construction is among the most energy efficient forms of construction. The thermal mass of log material does not allow for the easy transfer of heat from one side of the log wall to the other. This keeps your log home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Think about the location where log homes are often built – they represent some of the harshest climate areas in the country. For more information, the following article prepared by the Log Homes Council details an in-depth study on this topic: The Energy Performance of Log Homes

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  • How do you install plumbing in a log home?

    Only the exterior walls are constructed from solid logs. The interior partition walls are conventionally framed to accommodate the pipes and drains.

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  • How do you wire a log home?

    Log walls are drilled on site during construction to provide a wire chase through which electrical wiring is fed for any outlets or switch boxes that are in your log walls. You can also run wiring through the partition walls. You will have to consider your roof wiring needs for items such as ceiling lights and fans before installing your roof decking.

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  • Do you carry your own log home plans?

    No. We’ve found that each homeowner has their own unique idea about the design of their home and we want to build on those ideas. Once you have your custom drawing or blueprint, we will work up an itemized materials list and will price out all of the materials that we can provide for you.

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  • Do we have to purchase everything on your materials list?

    No, only the items you are interested in. Even though we can provide you with a very complete package, you may have other sources for some of the products we’ve listed.

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  • Do you offer financing?

    No, but we will be happy to help put you in contact with log home lenders.

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  • Are log homes maintenance free?

    No, but they are relatively easy to maintain. Periodically, you will need to apply a good log home preservative which can protect your home anywhere from 3 to 5 years from the initial application. This maintenance schedule will vary depending upon several factors such as the house design, climate conditions, home site, amount of sun and wind exposure, etc. Twin Creeks offers a large variety of log home stains from which to choose from as well as borate treatments and deck stains. For more information, the following article prepared by the Log Homes Council provides a good introduction to log home preservation: Preservation & Maintenance of Log Structures

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  • How long can I expect to wait to receive my materials once I place an order?

    We need approximately 2-3 weeks for a complete log home package. Except for the custom logs and beams, all other lumber and supplies are in stock and available for next day shipping.

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