EPS Roof Panels

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Roof Insulation can be the perfect answer to Tractor Trailer loaded with EPS Foam Roof Panels your log home's roof insulation needs. EPS Foam Roof Panels offer several distinct advantages over other forms of insulation -- permanent R value, inherent water resistance, excellent physical properties and dimensional stability. Our roof panels are available with or without OSB panels prebonded to the top of the panel.

Features and Benefits of EPS Foam Roof Panels
- EPS foam gives better thermal efficiency per dollar than other insulations.
- EPS foam delivers R4 insulating capacity per inch of depth.
- Thermal performance is more stable over time than other insulations.
- Low water absorption but still breathable.
- Dimensionally stable and moisture has little or no effect on stability.
- Minimal weight on the roof.
- Easy to handle and install.

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Foam Only
OSB Bonded
3-1/2"x 4’x 8'
5-1/2"x 4’x 8’
7-1/2"x 4’x 8’

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