Heavy Timber Beams

Size (WxHxL) Eastern White Pine Western Red Cedar Douglas Fir
4"x 4"x 8'-16' $1.40/lf $3.67/lf $2.25/lf
4"x 6"x 8'-16' 2.17/lf 5.50/lf 3.39/lf
4"x 6"x 18'-24' 3.02/lf 5.88/lf 4.59/lf
4"x 6"x 26'-32' 3.38/lf 7.20/lf 4.85/lf
4"x 8"x 8'-16' 2.75/lf 7.33/lf 4.59/lf
4"x 8"x 18'-24' 4.06/lf 7.58/lf 5.59/lf
4"x 8"x 26'-32' 4.52/lf 9.59/lf 5.75/lf
4"x 10"x 8'-16' 3.53/lf 9.17/lf 5.97/lf
4"x 10"x 18'-24' 5.07/lf 9.44/lf 6.99/lf
4"x 10"x 26'-32' 5.59/lf 11.99/lf 7.49/lf
4"x 12" x 8'-16' 4.15/lf 10.97/lf 7.99/lf
4"x 12"x 18'-24' 5.99/lf 11.36/lf 8.75/lf
4"x 12"x 26'-32' 6.69/lf 14.39/lf 9.20/lf
6"x 6"x 8'-16' $3.07/lf $8.19/lf $5.78/lf
6"x 6"x 18'-24' 4.61/lf 8.52/lf 6.29/lf
6"x 6"x 26'-32' 5.05/lf 10.80/lf 6.55/lf
6"x 8"x 8'-16' 4.15/lf 10.98/lf 8.39/lf
6"x 8"x 18'-24' 6.05/lf 11.37/lf 8.59/lf
6"x 8"x 26'-32' 6.75/lf 14.39/lf 8.75/lf
6"x 10"x 8'-16' 5.49/lf 13.63/lf 10.49/lf
6"x 10"x 18'-24' 8.99/lf 14.19/lf 11.95/lf
6"x 10"x 26'-32' 9.99/lf 17.99/lf 12.95/lf
6"x 12"x 8'-16' 6.03/lf 16.50/lf 12.76/lf
6"x 12"x 18'-24' 8.99/lf 17.37/lf 13.25/lf
6"x 12"x 26'-32' 9.99/lf 21.59/lf 13.99/lf
8"x 8"x 8'-16' $5.67/lf $14.67/lf $11.39/lf
8"x 8"x 18'-24' 9.02/lf 15.44/lf 12.25/lf
8"x 8"x 26'-32' 9.38/lf 19.19/lf 13.49/lf
8"x 10"x 8'-16' 8.30/lf 18.33/lf 14.52/lf
8"x 10"x 18'-24' 13.56/lf 18.99/lf 14.95/lf
8"x 10"x 26'-32' 13.99/lf 23.97/lf 15.97/lf
8"x 12"x 8'-16' 10.11/lf 22.00/lf 17.45/lf
8"x 12"x 18'-24' 13.56/lf 22.89/lf 19.32/lf
8"x 12"x 26'-32' 13.99/lf 28.79/lf 20.24/lf

• Legend: LF - Linear Foot
• Beams are available Smooth Four Sides (S4S) or Rough-Sawn.
• Heavy timber beams are quoted as Air-Dried. Kiln-Dried Beams are also available. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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