6x12 White Pine Chink Log (Air Dried) Zoom

6x12 White Pine Air Dried Chink Logs

Prices are per linear foot (lf).

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6x12 White Pine Chink Logs – Air Dried Specifications:
Stack Height: 11"
Thickness: 5 1/2"
Chink Groove: Square Chink or German Chink (Rounded).
Available Lengths: 8', 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16'. This product comes in random lengths only.
Grade: Standard Grade. TPI Grade Stamping is available for an additional charge.
Drying Type: Air Dried.
Joinery Type: Double Tongue & Groove.
Texture: Milled Smooth.
Cutting Waste: Recommended approximately 5%-10% for walls, 15%-25% for gable ends depending on roof angle.
Hewing Options: Hand Hewing is available on this profile for an additional $1.05/lf per side. Draw Knifing is also available for this profile for an additional $1.75/lf per side.
Matching Log Siding: 5/4x12 White Pine Chink Log Siding.
Corner Cuts Available: Dovetail or Butt/Pass.
Shipping Options: Flat-bed tractor trailer, Roll Back, LTL Carrier. Shipping method is determined based on location and order size to minimize cost.
**When shipping via LTL carrier, the longest length available for shipping is 12’.
Recommended Fastener: 14” or longer Olylog or Log Hog Screws.
Additional Products Recommended for Installation: A good quality caulk such as Perma Chink Woodsman Caulk or Weatherall UV Guard Textured Caulk. You can find our selection of caulks at our Caulk page. In addition, this log requires the use of a 3/8”x1/2” Foam Gasket to ensure a tight seal. Before applying a stain, it is also recommended to apply a Borate solution such as Armor Guard to the bare wood before staining to help prevent mold, mildew or termites.

Coverage Calculations:
You can calculate the coverage for this siding using our Tips page: How Do I Determine How Much Lumber I Need? Please call us if you would like a free takeoff for your project as well.

Preparation Information:
Air-drying is a common method that involves storing lumber over a period of time providing airflow to evaporate the moisture from the wood prior to incorporating the wood into a structure. Air-dried material can have moisture content ranging from 12% to 30% depending on drying time, method, and climate. The Air Dried 6x12 White Pine Chink Logs are ready for installation once received on your jobsite. However, wood will shrink and swell with any changes in moisture content and weather.

Storage Prior To Installation:
Until installed, the 6x12 logs need protection from direct sunlight, water saturation, snow, ice, dirt, and other elements. It is best to store the logs flat and off the ground with a vapor barrier so that moisture is not absorbed through the bottom boards of the stack. The lumber should be protected with a waterproof covering elevated in the center so that water does not pool on the cover. We also recommend that you do not completely seal the bundle, as good air circulation is required to prevent any blue stain or molding. Ideally, the logs should be stored in an enclosed building such as a garage prior to use.

As with every unfinished exterior wood, applying a quality finish to all surfaces (including the ends) is recommended. An exterior finish protects the wood from moisture absorption and UV degradation, and helps prevent staining caused by mold and mildew. Before applying a finish to the logs, it is best to confirm that there is no mill glaze present on the wood. Mill glaze can inhibit or interfere with the finish treatment and is produced when the material is manufactured through the planer. When mill glaze occurs, it is recommended to remove it by pressure washing the wood or sanding prior to staining. Sanding is not recommended as a first option unless every piece is sanded. We offer a wide selection of Oil and Water Based exterior finishes that we can recommend based on the final finish, maintenance schedule and look that is desired. Most exterior finishes do have to be re-coated or reapplied every 3 -5 years depending on the UV exposure to your home. You can find all of the exterior stain products that we carry at our Exterior Stains page.


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